How to get the best conversion rates using effective email marketing

Written By SEO Team

No matter how attractive and impressive Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms have become, email marketing still has its value intact. A research by McKinsey has revealed that email marketing is ten, twenty, forty times more effective than Twitter or Facebook channels. Being a major mode of communication world, emails hold customer’s attention1 more than any other internet marketing bit.   Econsultancy found2 that 20% of the total sales comes from email funnels.

However, it doesn’t mean that you begin sending mindless spams to serve your purpose (Discretion advised! LOL).What this means is that in comparison of the sophisticated and more frequent use of social media channels, email campaigns are simpler, cost-effective and deliver high conversion rates.

How to use this strong channel of communication and get the high-quality traffic on your website that will later turn into your valuable customers? We share a few tips to make the most of your email marketing strategy in a short period.

  • Demonstrate your value proposition

To get a place in a customer’s inbox, you will need to prove that how deserving you are. Your email can be informative, like making the reader aware of the latest trends, discounts, coupons or anything. Or you can think of sending a message that engages the reader to visit your website (and make some purchases as well). Be crisp and simple, no one’s got the time to read some 5000-words in a mail.

  • Don’t ask for overly sensitive or personal information

Ask for the information that you need to know and then use that data to improve your website, and personalize the user experience. But asking marital status or engagement status can be a way too risky approach for you. Also, such information (like pregnancy, etc.) changes over a period so that data has short-life too.


Remember the old saying “You ask me no questions, and I will tell you no lies”. So, the less you ask, better your chances of avoiding redundant risks. You can even exclude salutation titles etc. to make the inquiry less time-taking and more concise.

  • Ask for social sign-ups

Social logins are getting popular day by day because it goes easily with the customer. Apart from being extremely appealing, social plug-ins pull the customer’s’ email address more efficiently. Once the visitor opts in for social-connect, you can personalize your website to improve the user experience (UX) for the subsequent visits.

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  • Look at the larger picture of buyer cycle, not just a click

Traditionally, marketers took too much notice of every aspect of the email campaign, say from the subject heading to the graphics. While it is a good practice, yet they fail to understand that email campaign is a part of a broader objective.

To get a customer on board, you do email marketing or social media marketing. That’s it, why spend all your time and resources on checking and rechecking everything time and again? You can instead think of improving the landing pages and increase the page loading capacity to better the overall customer journey to your website.