Quality Score

How to improve your Content Quality Score

Written By SEO Team

What do you mean by Content Quality Score?
It is an algorithm that rates the content published on every website on a 9 point scale from lowest to highest.

The quality score entirely depends upon the purpose of the web page. For example, a medicinal page will have a good score if the people are in search for the information related to the medicines. Whereas, The same web page would rank the lowest quality if the people search for an electronic gadget.

Google’s perception on viewing a web page:


There are three different categories into which the Google breaks the content:

1) Major Content:
The headings, videos, images, etc. are included in the Main Content page. This is the category where the page
achieves it statement of purpose.

2) Additional Content:
The additional Content holds for the design methodology of the page’s layout, like the header and the footer.
It does not help in the purpose of the web page but helps in gaining a good experience about the web page for the user.

3) Banners and Ads:
Advertisements do not contribute to the improvement of the webpage’s content quality, but, If they do not distract from their application for which the page was designed, it will not hamper the quality score.

Sectors where content quality can be the most important:

Google calls certain pages as the pages where your content is of the utmost importance. The pages that provide information on medical services, shopping or legal services directly affects the visitor’s finances. Only if your web page falls into any of these categories, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the content.

Reasons that affects the content quality score:

To make sure that your main content quality score is not penalized, it is important to follow some simple points:

*Avoid duplicacy.
*Don’t use facts that are inaccurate.
*Avoid grammatical/spelling mistakes.
*Avoid using images that give no extra advantage to your content.

Factors responsible for ranking quality of the Content highest :

Certain factors that might handle ranking your content as highest are:

1) Content length – The longer, the better does not hold importance in this scenario. Google keeps a check on how much time a user is spending on the page. It is important to check the bounce rate of the site. The higher the bounce rate, less is the site visited.

2) Content reviews – It is important to establish trust amongst the site visitors. Good review from the user would always be helpful to the web page. A bad review for a product will stop you from buying it, similarly, a wrong review for a web page stops the user from visiting it.

3) Author consistency – Maintain a consistency while writing. It is assumed that if a quality content is written by an author he will be posting quality content in the future even. Give yourself a name and use it while posting the content as it helps Google in searching your previous content and rate them accordingly.