How to Increase Social Video Value by Adding YouTube Annotations

Written By SEO Team

You’ve heard us talk about the primacy of social video lately… and it’s for good reason!

According to this Cisco report, video downloads and streaming will account for as much as 80% of all the world’s consumer internet traffic by 2020.

Getting your social video strategy established and polished ahead of time is critical. With this in mind, today we want to talk about how adding YouTube annotations to your video can increase its organic reach and, ultimately, its social video value.

How to Add YouTube Annotations to Your Videos

YouTube annotations let you add text and links directly onto your videos, enabling the creation of clickable “hotspots” your viewers can utilize to gather more information on your business or discover related videos and content.

Note: Before you begin adding YouTube annotations, you’ll need to activate external linking through your account.

Once external linking is activated, simply do the following to add an annotation:

1. Navigate to your YouTube channel’s Video Manager panel.

2. Locate the “Edit” button beside the video you plan to annotate. Choose the “End screen & Annotations” option from the drop down box.

3. Click on the “Annotations” listing beside “End screen” on the top navigation bar.


4. Select the “Add annotation” button on the right side.

There are five YouTube annotation styles you can add to your videos. See how each looks via this video.

How to Edit the Font and Size of Your YouTube Annotations

Fortunately, it’s simple to edit your annotations to adjust font size, type, color, and positioning. Tweaking these parameters may further aid in attracting the attention of your viewers.

Once you navigate to the annotations panel, select the “Edit existing annotation” button directly beneath the “Add annotation” button. From here, you’ll be able to tweak font color, background color, and size.

Further, you may change the positioning of your YouTube annotation by dragging it within the video player pane and pulling on the black corner squares to expand and contract the size of the annotation’s box.

How to Change Your YouTube Annotation’s Timing

Not happy about where your annotation pops up within your video? Simply navigate back to the “Edit existing annotation” area and use the “Start” and “End” listings to dictate when your annotation appears. Alternatively, you can move the annotation by dragging it along the timelines beneath the video.

Bear in mind that because of the design of YouTube’s video encoding, precise, down-to-the-second annotation timing may not be possible.

How to Add a Link to Your YouTube Annotation

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to link directly to the landing page of your choice from your YouTube annotation. This gives you the opportunity to potentially make a sales conversion or introduce your audience to more of your content.

Navigate once more to the “Edit existing annotation” panel and look below the “Start” and “End” settings. Click the “Link” box. This then enables you to add a link that encourages viewers to head to another video, subscribe to your channel or playlist, or travel to an external site of your choosing.

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