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How to maintain the quality of your blog and keeping it SEO friendly at the same time

Written By SEO Team

Today with sites like Tumblr and Blogspot, blogging is becoming an opportunity for aspiring writers. Blogging like every other style of writing is a skill one needs to have. A good blog should be engaging enough for the users, a blog that grabs readers attention and have a persuasive approach. If people like your blog and find it of any value to them, they are more likely to share it with others on social media. That will automatically improve your ranking, which translates into one thing that your blog should be written well enough to improve your ranking on Google.

Some people think that writing for SEO and writing for attracting audience are two different things, but that’s not the case. To improve the ranking for your blogs you have to use words that would act as keywords for improving your ranking. And stuffing your keywords in your articles just for the sake of improving your rankings is also not advised. This post will talk about effective writing tips in which you can make your blog interesting and keep it SEO friendly at the same time.

Do your homework before you start writing the blog

Try to research about the topic. You cannot just start writing the blog without having any sense of it. Once you finish your research, think about what you want to convey to the readers, What is the purpose of your text. Address these questions before you start writing.

In order to make them SEO friendly, write rather lengthy articles. The average length of your article should be minimum 300 words, and an average inclusion of keywords should be at least 3-6 times in the article.

Use of paragraphs and headlines is a must

Try to include the search item in your heading and subheadings. That way your article will be noticed, and your ranking will escalate. Keeping the title catchy yet sophisticated to the terms of SEO is the most important part of writing a good blog.

Paragraph your article so that it makes complete sense, don’t just randomly start a sentence just because it looks good.

Let other people review your post

A second opinion is always better and gives your write up a scope of improvement. You know what you are conveying but are the readers able to understand! Rephrase the sentences if you spot any ambiguity.

Remember to post regularly, consistency is the key to success when you are regularly writing blogs.