How to Take Advantage of Facebook Videos?

Written By SEO Team

When it comes to video marketing, most marketers will look at YouTube. After all, the platform gets more than 300 hours of fresh content every minute and has 1 billion viewers on a monthly basis. It’s the godaddy of all video content. That’s true, YouTube is huge, but there’s another video marketing giant growing next to it: Facebook. It’s growing fast and many social media experts consider it a threat to YouTube.

Facebook sits on a immense heap of users, almost 2 billion as of March 2017, and it knows a lot about their interests, passions and much more. Because of this, videos posted on Facebook can immediately be shown to relevant prospective customers, who already enjoy, want or look for similar products. It’s a marketing powerhouse which can dominate the video advertising market in the next decade.

Let’s see how you can take advantage of Facebook videos here:


1. Upload your videos directly to Facebook


Studies have shown that natively uploaded videos have more interactions, likes and shares and are viewed, on average, more than linked content. Try to upload your video directly to Facebook via Buffer, instead of linking to a video on YouTube. The interface is easier for other users to see and you can interact instantly with your fans.


2. Impress your audience quickly


As in most human interactions, you only have a limited time to impress and keep your viewers. Some say you only have 3 seconds, some say 5 seconds; the truth is, you’ll have to attract within the first seconds. You must provide something attractive or interesting right from the beginning. Think about an intro or a short humorous presentation which sets the mood instantly. Another great idea is to use enticing thumbnails or static photos in your intro. It helps people notice your video and click on it.


3. Be exclusive


Facebook loves it when your videos are unique to the platform. This means that you shouldn’t upload your videos on other platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo. What’s more, your fans will appreciate this and come back for more exclusive content. You’ll get more followers, better interactions and your page will become popular in no time.


4. Create shareable content


The power of video marketing lies in distribution and sharing. Make sure your video is shareable among many people. Create videos which inspire and amuse people, make them laugh or touch them on their narcissistic side. This makes them share your video to other like-minded people. Try to answer these questions:

  • is your video offering a deep personal connection?
  • does it bring surprise and emotion in people?
  • can people relate to your video?

5. Tease


Teasing always works when it comes to video marketing. Set up expectations from the first few frames of your video, offer cliffhangers, or short guessing games. A good tease makes people ask for more and stops them from scrolling down; it attracts instantly and provokes a sincere reaction.


6. Tag people or pages


Learn how to use Facebook’s own tools when uploading videos. Tag relevant people in your video post, friends, family, even celebrities. Mention people who take part in the video, helped you make the video or inspired you. This will make your video more attractive to the general public and increase interactions.


7. Be consistent


Once you learned the basics of Facebook video marketing, you’ll know that the secret is being consistent and upload good quality videos on a regular basis. Post at least once a day and interact with your viewers constantly. Answer their questions, hear their suggestions and learn what they want to see.