How to use Twitter to build your brand

Written By SEO Team


As of the first quarter of 2015 Twitter has a more than 236 million monthly active users. And you won’t even have 50+ followers if you are not using this social media platform the right way. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and setting up your business account on Twitter will help your business run a long way. To establish an effective presence on Twitter, connect with influencers, like-minded peers, business professionals, friends and colleagues. As other social media platforms, Twitter thrives on moxie and honesty. The only difference is that you have to do it in 140 characters or less. There are more than 500 million tweets on Twitter per day, the question is how to stand out and get followed. Here’s how:

Be Original: When you first start with setting up your account on Twitter you have to work it out, you have to put in efforts, don’t just expect thousands of followers within a span of a month, unless you are already a well recognized brand. Make sure you invest time in your tweets and try to keep it consistent. Your presence on Twitter should have a clear reason, that results engaging a greater following.

Tweet with a reason: You’ll have a far greater following when you have a set focus. Don’t just tweet anything for the sake of doing it. If any topic related to your field is trending, indulge in the conversation. Raise question, tweet your opinion, quote insights, that way your network becomes stronger and your brand value increases automatically.

Integrate your own personality: Social media loves real people. Don’t just tweet and promote your brand blindly, people hate plain advertising on such platforms. Give your tweets a personality, include a sense of humor and your own opinions, that works in good faith for the brand. Try to invite others for an opinion that will only gain you more followers.


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