Paton Marketing’s extensive knowledge in Hubspot audit and reporting will be able to help you solidify and simplify your system for the best experience possible for clients. Hubspot’s complete all-in-one software will assist you in interconnected sales, marketing, website development, and infiltration, as well as management of customer relationships. Hubspot auditing and reporting takes time, but with time comes results.

With our highly skilled team of digital marketers at Paton Marketing, we will be able to ensure that everything on your Hubspot is running smoothly and efficiently. We can optimize content and run a report of how previous Hubspot’s went.

What an in-depth audit of your Hubspot can do for your business

  • Gather more insight into your budget, spending, and return on investment
  • Develop a strategy that works for your business as well as what is not as effective for your business
  • Simplify unused assets on your website
  • Dive into what areas need further assistance within your sales and marketing staff
  • Solidify any used platforms and ensure they are being repurposed how they should be
  • Create a clear structure of your internal assets

What does an audit report entail?

  • Ensuring security and privacy are up to date
  • Social media and advertisements
  • Deepening understanding of conversion rates
  • Organization of reports
  • Highest quality of content
  • Technical implementation of content
  • Design management

Talk to the Experts

If you are interested in receiving more information about Hubspot feel free to contact our experts at Paton Marketing or schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. If you feel you need more clarity or have any questions about what Paton Marketing can do, please contact us today.