Hubspot Migration

Migration is where data from one platform is transferred to another dependable platform.

Hubspot Marketing & Customer Relationship Management Platform

Hubspot’s all-inclusive package has various helpful integrated sales, marketing, and customer relationship management, also known as CRM platforms, that come together to create a powerful business tool. With these specialty services, Hubspot will provide your business with incomparable services and features to overall benefit and grow businesses.

Marketing and CRM Platform Migration

Some businesses or organizations may see the need to change their websites, blogs, email, and CRM systems to work more efficiently and be more productive as a whole. This automation and migration process can be difficult and nearly impossible without custom migration to ensure that the data is transferred correctly.

Paton Marketing’s experience of properly migrating leads such as Hubspot will help ensure that the transfer and migration of your assets is done properly and efficiently. This includes but is not limited to your website, blogs, email, and CRM.

What does a custom migration process include?

Audit and Reporting:

A full review will be performed to ensure that your old CRM data, including your contact list, objects, and properties, can be migrated appropriately.


Fulfill the transfer of data from your old CRM and execution on the Hubspot CRM.


A comparison and cross-check of the newly migrated data that includes a report of the migrated data to guarantee the data was migrated correctly without losing anything.

Delta Migration:

Move any new or altered data to the new Hubspot that may have been forgotten in the first migration.

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