Paton Marketing wants to help you take maximum advantage of your investment in Hubspot, starting with an onboarding process for you to see results in a short amount of time.

Why is Onboarding Essential?

Paton Marketing’s Hubspot experts will assist you in setting up all of the options that come with your Hubspot subscription, making them readily available for your team with guidance and training for each step.

The onboarding process is essential for:

  • Preventing any delays and immediate use of Hubspot
  • Understanding all Hubspot software in detail
  • Training your team to begin working on goals with a strong foundation
  • Taking full advantage of your Hubspot investment

Why work with a Hubspot partner as opposed to Hubspot?

Working with a Hubspot partner like Paton Marketing will allow you to learn from a company that has used Hubspot platforms themself that can provide continuing support throughout your work on Hubspot.

Paton Marketing’s competitive advantages are:

  • A fraction of the price compared to Hubspot
  • Practical and firsthand industry knowledge and experience
  • On-demand support
  • Understanding and experience with potential problems and their solutions
  • Building your profile will give us the knowledge we need to support your business for the long-term

What services does Paton Marketing provide through the onboarding process?

Between the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub, the Service Hub, and CMS, Paton Marketing’s Hubspot experts will be able to successfully onboard your business and team members to whatever Hubspot product you are using.

Paton Marketing onboarding services include:

  • Technical setup
  • Establishing templates for current and future campaigns
  • Custom creation of workflows and automation
  • Establishing sales channels
  • Tailored CRM
  • Third-party integration
  • Defining team member roles
  • Setup of content management and conversion paths
  • Creation of call-to-action forms

Talk to the Experts

If you are interested in receiving more information about Hubspot feel free to contact our experts at Paton Marketing or schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. If you feel you need more clarity or have any questions about what Paton Marketing can do, please contact us today.