Importance of Digital Presence for a CEO

Written By SEO Team



The Chief executive officer is comparable to a Commander in a battlefield on whose shoulders, rests the responsibility of victory or defeat. It is a supreme position in an organisation and the individual designated as the CEO commands authority and power over the company. But how correctly Spiderman’s uncle Ben has put it, “With great powers comes great responsibilities”.

It is a no brainer that the Chief executive officers have important targets to achieve. Experts feel that maintaining web presence is as important as planning, organizing and executing. According to Forbes, more than 77% of the buyers are more likely to purchase goods and services if the CEO uses social media, and more than 80% consider that it builds trust between the brand and the people.


Considering the above statement, one can add another bullet point to the chart of the duties of a CEO. In the present work culture of cloud data management, being tech savvy is not a choice, it is a necessity. It is a lot more that a CEO can do than balancing capital and people, maintaining work culture and placing the right man in the right areas.



  • Digital presence of a CEO reflects the concern that the individual has for the brand that he or she is associated with. No one better than the commander himself can describe the battle strategies, the kingdoms that his army has conquered, and the future plans for expansion of the rule.
  • He or she possess both quality and quantity information, and that can generate interest of the local mob in being associated with a well-informed personality.



  • As in the classroom assignment or tests, students take assistance from their classmate who gives an active response in the class. This is because being prompt in the response indicates that the person has solutions to the problems that may arise while completing the assignment or answering the questions in the test. 



  • The same psychology can be applied to the marketing moguls, who trust the organisations who are well connected with the general public on the digital platform. They could be more interested in trading with the individual rather than the company itself.
  • Social media presence of a CEO generates trust by building a bond, as the consumer can reach the person behind the scenes, and the mob has the facility to praise or criticize the commander for the failure to deliver. It may be easier for the CEO, to write a blog as he or she has the information about the company, the competitors, and the products that one deals in.

They may have the exact vision of the future for the organization and can target the specific audience for their products. Digital presence of a CEO can be considered as important as the other duties they have to shoulder.