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Don’t spend any money on marketing online until you have performed extensive keyword and market research. There are websites like and google adwords (free) that will perform this research for you. This takes the guessing out of marketing online.

Client Success Story
Bill Hansen catering – celebrating 2 successful years with Paton Marketing:
Bill Hansen Catering is a company located in Coconut Grove, providing luxury catering and events since 1980! Luxurious events are often well planned and clients often do a lot of research, both online and offline, on the potential companies in the neighborhood. Being found by these potential clients on relevant keywords is therefore critical!
Paton Marketing has helped Bill Hansen Catering in 2 major ways:
– The first is through the organic ranking of our top local keywords.  Prior to working with Paton BHC was not on page one for its main keywords.  Now it is on page one and in some cases in the top 1-3 on the page.  This has generated many clicks to our websites main page.
– The second is through the development of a new website for the company and for its main venue.  Both websites are converting at a higher percentage rate than the old sites.  This way when people click through via SEO, they hit a more relevant, better designed site and submit their info to us.

“Revenues are clearly up via our relationship with Paton Marketing!” – Adam, COO at Bill Hansen Catering

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As you know, we specialize in helping our clients dominate their respective industry online.
One of the most important aspects of this is being the first website people find when they search Google.
Getting you on page 1 involves knowing Google. Over the past few years, we have found some of the criteria Google looks at to determine which websites are the best match, and therefore the first you will see.
The Google ‘Algorithm’, is the formula that gets your website on page 1. Here are some basic examples that should help you understand this confusing process. Google looks at: how often the entered keywords occur on your website, how many websites link to your website, and the most important, content!  you must have quality content – Google loves good content.
Google is always changing and improving this ‘algorithm’, trying to give you the most relevant results for your search words. Therefore, we need to  continuously keep up and adapt.
Recently, they made a very significant change, which is important to note: They are now making local listings more important. What does this mean (for you)? Google places is now a far more important factor for your overall place in the search results.
We are making the necessary changes to our strategy in order to make sure you are among the top results on Google maps/places. Making sure you are on page 1 on Google Maps/Places will ensure your presence on page 1 of the organic search list and helps target more location-specific audiences!
If you have not yet registered your business with Google Places, click on this link – It is FREE to register.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Hope you learned something!
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