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Intermediate? Good? Or Excellent: Five Ways To Judge & Improve the Quality Of Content

Written By SEO Team

‘You reap what you sow’ the proverb is widely used in various aspects of life and helps us in understanding cause and effect relationship of result we get in life. This simple rule of daily life also categorically applies in digital marketing field. To decode the analogy in digital marketing terms would be the numbers of customers you reap are directly and proportionally related to the content and strategy you ‘sow’ to engage them. Here we will highlight several ways To Judge & Improve the Quality Of Content you use to reach out potential customers.



Research Trends & Analyze Topics That Generate the Most Traffic: – To check whether the content being used to promote your business is effective or not. You can analyse the statistics of research trend and follow which topics are generating the most traffic. Once you know the trend and burning topics you can compare the content being used for promoting your brand or products. The promotional strength of the previously delivered content is weak then there is a need to redraw the strategy of content creation.

Originality Of Case Studies & Stories In Content: –   The quality of content created depends upon the originality of case studies & stories being delivered. Creating an emotional connection via case studies and stories is important aspect content writing. Moreover, they have to be original to appeal to your customer.Once you make an emotional along with profession appeal to your customer what you achieve is not merely a new customer but someone who will be loyal towards your products and services.

Compare With Competitors: – Go to the content provided by your rivals, watch out the strategies being applied by them to increase traffic. Once you know what your competitors are capable of you can analyze further the reasons for lagging behind. The measures to be applied to perform better will be clearer if you know your competitors well.

Assess Your Number & Consult  Sales Team: – Merely judging the content on the basis of literal outreach and share/like per view is not sufficient. You have to make sure that those numbers are converting in real terms as well. It could be the case that your strategy may work effectively in the long run, so before assessing your numbers in a short period examine how fair is that assessment.

KYC (Know your Customers): –  There are various websites where people ask various questions and follow open discussion forum. It is of great use if you know what sort of content is demanded by your potential customers. Reading comments by people on the various blog post will give you an opportunity to hold on the nerves of your targeted audience eventually the customer.