Negative Seo

Know why your website MUST care about negative SEO

Written By SEO Team

A lot of internet marketers still admire the methods of negative SEO. While Google has tightened its grip against such attempts, negative SEO is still used as a tool for some people. The only difference is that earlier people used negative SEO tricks to promote their sites while now the same tricks are used to graze off the competitors’ websites. And this is what you should be worried about. Who knows some dirty devil is planning to oppress your marketing efforts and trying to attack your website with some cheap sort of negative SEO? Let’s dig a bit about that in this brief post.

Although Matt Cutts, a senior Google software engineer, expressed that Google tries “to be mindful of when a technique can be abused and make our algorithm robust against it,”, he remained careful not to deny the possibility of negative SEO happening around the world. As a matter of fact, just see that how many people are searching for negative SEO these days.

A negative SEO is intended to lower the opponent’s site in search engines. Analogous to real life defamation, negative SEO uses tricks such as manipulative link building to reduce your reputation in the eyes of search engines. Obviously if search engine algorithms track those attempts, the website will be punished, and you know what happens next. The website sinks, or vanishes to nowhere islands.

Negative SEO can attack your web reputation, sometimes blowing off the website from the job completely. The commonly noticed practices are:

  • Constructing large volumes of spam links directed towards your website

  • Manipulating the good backlinks that your website might have earned

  • Directing redundant and unacceptable links to your website that focuses on notorious keywords like drug sales, poker online, escort services, Viagra, etc.

  • Using fake social profiles (especially on Twitter and Facebook) to badmouth about your company

  • Duplicating your content and then distributing the same at various places in world wide web

  • Attempting to hack your website or your official social media accounts

In the competitive (read profitable) business such as digital marketing, stories about negative SEO are not rare. Regardless of the domain and market your business belongs to, negative SEO can impact your online presence. Unless, of course, that you remain vigilant about it. Your SEO team must understand that this is the enemy that must be combated. Howver, a quality-wise sound website that has valueable content and can engage qualified social following is less likely to fall a victim to such perils.

Have you experienced any such unusual activity on your website? Do you face problems in increasing your web traffic, despite the efforts you put to make it great? Let me know how do you handle such situations and improve your rankings. Sharing is good. Especially when it’s against online tricksters who adhere to such bad practices.