Learn the Secret of Online Marketing

Written By SEO Team


Imagine, you are a businessman, and you spent a lot of money and time in bringing the attention of a new client to your business. You are using all the possible strategies to retain this relationship with your customer. But, what if after a year or so, you realise that your competitor is using the same tactics and strategies to attract your client? This customer will lose interest in your business and will feel no loyalty to you as you haven’t communicated with them for a while. They will like the attention and love they are getting from the new suitor and eventually they will leave you.

What if you were facing this trouble? How will you overcome it?

This is a common phenomenon in most of the business, but yet, most of the entrepreneurs are not aware of this loophole that they are facing in the business.

The question is how will you help yourself from saving your potential customer?

  • Stay in touch with your clients: Yes, staying in touch always help. Remember “Hey how have you been? I have been thinking of you. Hope you are doing well!” will make you reach out your customer and show them you care. Apart from this there are a lot of tools available in the market that can help you in setting an alert for your customer. Google alert is one of the tools that can help you in this context. You just have to set an alert for each customer and communicate with your client.


  • Adapt Email Marketing: Email Marketing helps in tracking the exact ROI( Return on Investment). If compared to the traditional Email, Email marketing aims in giving higher response rate for E-Commerce businesses.


  • Employ Public Relation strategy: It is important to maintain the relationship with your customers. Adapt personalized card strategies. These cards are automatically sent to your clients and help you in maintaining a beautiful relationship with your them.

Put in some effort. Memories may come and go but the relationship never fades away. Keep in touch with your client and you will definitely benefit out from it.