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Mistakes to Avoid in a PPC Campaign

Written By SEO Team

At Paton Marketing, we believe that by doing an effective PPC campaign you can get the desired results in very less time. Whether you need more visitors, conversions or brand awareness, everything can be done by targeting the right keywords. There are numerous elements that contribute to your score for the PPC ad campaign, but the most important is the relevance of your ad. Ad relevance is basically the ad’s click through rate, which directly represents the success of your campaign.

We keep talking about what we must do and what we should do, and often we fail to understand that knowing what we should not do equally important. In this article, I am highlighting some mistakes that SEO people should avoid while running a PPC campaign.

Irrelevant Ads

  • Your first and foremost step should be to make sure that your ads are made according to your landing page and the associated keywords. Relevant ads will be a key factor in improving your Click Through Rate.
  • This will eventually result in an increase in the score of your quality, which means you will have to pay less for the clicks you get on the ads. Therefore, you will be able to attain a higher return on your investments.
  • I understand that relevance of the ads is essential. Believe me, I have seen accounts with a quite different keywords clubbed into a single Ad Group. If you do this you will never be able to make adverts relevant. Your score will remain low and you will be shelling out more money than you should.

Call To Action

  • I feel this is an area where only a handful of Internet Marketing experts have got success. We are also there in the list, and I see no reason why this cannot be done for anyone. A call to action is crucial for the ads.
  • A good enough Call-to-Action (CTA) can significantly increase the Click Through Rate. I feel a little disappointed when I see a good Ad with an ambiguous CTA. I have some suggestions that you may avoid in the nest CTA you that you give to your Ads – View more, Browse now etc.
  • If you need conversions, try using something that is clear to the user, like Purchase Now. Also, you must wisely choose the button size of your CTA otherwise it may look odd or inappropriate according to the landing page and will therefore spoil the user experience.


 Every great business deserves and also needs an expert for handling their Internet Marketing process. It is highly advisable that you perform the required research for an efficient PPC campaign. Get your PPC plan crafted from the internet marketing experts today.