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New Apps That Prove Google Assistant Will Be Your Ultimate Entertainment Device

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Google Assistant was launched in early 2016, but it was met with suspicion. Its features and functions were limited and, quite frankly, there wasn’t too much about it. Checking the local weather, setting your alarm clock, or turning the AC on, there was little else that it could do. People got bored of it, and it was no wonder.


Luckily, Google has recently decided to revamp its Google Assistant tool. And we are pleased to say that the engineers behind it were successful. What’s more, the future looks bright for this amazing feature. Let’s take a look at some of the improvements:


1.Google for Apple


Google’s special messaging app for Apple, called Allo, helps iPhone users around the world to use Google’s tools easier. A dedicated Google Assistant app for iOS is also available, allowing increased functionality across multiple platforms. Voice commands, together with voice search, image recognition and various Google Actions are available.


2.Google Lens


Google Lens is the best image recognition tool out there, according to many experts. The tool comes with a massive library of files, fast search functions and interpretation abilities. Just by pointing the smartphone’s camera at a flower, you will receive a result with all its biological information. The awesome tool also works for other types of data. For instance, point your camera to a hotel, and you instantly receive its website data, reviews, prices and booking options. Google Lens is also integrated with Google Photos, so if you snap a photo of a flower, the system instantly uploads it to your photo folder. The data can then be used on other platforms, depending on your needs.


3.Google Home


Google’s famous speaker line is Google Home, a truly fantastic device that works closely with Google Assistant. Almost all of its features are controlled via Google Assistant, so its no surprise that the speakers will likely become one of the most appreciated entertainment devices in your home. Controlling the volume, setting up playlists, alarms, radio stations, special sounds and alerts are basic functions. Newer models allow proactive notifications, depending on data received from other Google tools. For instance, your speaker may let you know that your flight is delayed, via Google Flights. Hands free calling, voice commands and entertainment upgrades are also available, together with Spotify and Deezer connectivity.


4.Robot vacuums


Robot vacuums are the new devices that will work with Google Assistant. Quite possibly the laziest feature that is available for Google Assistant, it will let you control your vacuum via the software. Obviously, the technology already took a step further, offering connectivity with your Google Home speaker, allowing voice commands for starting, stopping or directing a cleaning device. You can also send your vacuum to recharge or ask it which room is cleaning…


5.Appliance connectivity


Google Assistant will work with Whirlpool to allow users talk with their appliances. You will know how your oven is doing, how much time is left on the microwave, the best time to pause the dishwasher, or when your dryer is stopping. Obviously, voice commands will also be a part of the system: you will be able to start or stop your blender or stove, whenever you want it.


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