I founded Paton Marketing in January, 2009. One of the things I’ve struggled with was finding a fun and creative way to “give value” to you. We have tried many strategies to deliver high quality content to our database (YOU) but I feel we have failed. UNTIL NOW!

I am excited to introduce the Paton Project. In 2018, we will be starting 6 new businesses/websites and documenting our journey along the way through video. We will edit these videos and give you the good and the bad. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at decisions we made that turned profitable and decisions we made that cost the company money. We decided that real life examples of our journey building these 6 websites would be the best way to teach you.

Here are the businesses/websites we will be starting for the Paton Project:

  1. Condo-Site.com
  2. LiquorBelt.com
  3. SpyonWebsites.com
  4. GradeYourWebsite.com
  5. SpreadYourSuccess.com
  6. BestRestaurantMiami.com

Enjoy the first video we recorded! We are confident that this video series will give you insight on what to do (and what not to do)..