Online Marketing Tips

Written By SEO Team

  • Killer website – check.
  • Well-designed profile on Social Media sites – check.
  • Well-designed Youtube channel – check.
  • Relevant keywords integrated into website – check.

Why is nothing happening?

Your business can have all the fundamental basics in place, designed to perfection, but without this key ingredient incorporated into your online marketing campaign, your business will never succeed – fresh and engaging content.

Why is good content so important?

There is a number of reasons good content is vital for your online marketing campaigns:

When potential customers enter a search query, Google starts looking for the best website to help them with what they’re looking for. If Google sees that you are regularly updating your website or blog with information that contains these keywords, it will convince Google that your site has the most relevant information to meet the searchers demands. It has shown that up-to-date blogs result in 55% more visitors!

If you want to grow your business – you need to grow your audience and potential customer database. A great way to do this is through social media. Posting engaging content that your audience wants to read, share or like. Make sure your content is giving value!

Relevant, up-to-date content shows a healthy and dynamic company, keeps customers coming back and shows that you have expertise in your respective field. Also, it allows you to get personal with your customers.

How to create good content

So, what makes a good content strategy? We’ve identified a list of fundamentals for you:

  • Start a blog and post relevant content at least once a month. (make sure your blog is on your website)
  • Update your social media sites at least three times a week, and talk to your customers!
  • Listen: Keep track of content that seems to work, and which doesn’t work. Keep an eye on customer reactions and engagement on social media sites – don’t forget to give your audience what they want.
  • Always include relevant keywords in your content.
  • Create videos and share them on your website and social media.
  • Update your website regularly. Search Engines love a website with fresh and relevant content!