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Online Reputation Management Services – How To Choose The Best Package?

Written By SEO Team

Online Reputation Management Services – How To Choose The Best Package?

ORMs (Online Reputation Management) tools help you fix or prevent PR disasters. They also help you after the problem has been assessed, and effectively act as an insurance policy for your online reputation. If used correctly, ORMs can help your business survive delicate situations, build trust and create better image for your brand.Before choosing an online reputation management service, you’ll have to know exactly what they can do and what they can’tdo, but also how much they can help your business. Let’s have a look:

SEO management – ORMs can help your business tackle any negative information available on search results. Specifically, ORMs will make positive content come before negative content on SERPs; this means that when consumers search for your brand, they will get positive results;
–Content management – high quality is a must on all websites and ORMs help you promote only the best content on your website; they will help you produce new content or edit the existing content;
Social media management – ORMs can help you manage PR issues on social media platforms; they can provide a strategy to recover from a PR disaster and offer alternatives;

Let’s see what to look for when choosing an ORM:
1. Know your needs
Before looking for an ORM, you should know exactly what you are looking for. Do you want a team of experts to monitor your website or social media profiles? Or do you want a quick fix for your recent PR disaster? These strategies vary greatly and it can change the specifics of your ORM, as some providers work only on certain cases. Similarly, the ORM will differ, depending on the size of your business. For instance, a large corporation may need complex, full-time ORM service which monitors every online presence. On the other hand, a solopreneur, may only need sporadic ORM services.
2. Pay attention to their customer support
Many ORMs have tens of clients, but customer support should never lag behind. It is a time-consuming activity, but it is complicated, so you should have minimal customer support at all times. Don’t work with a ORM that doesn’t answer emails or phone calls. Similarly, don’t use ORMs which are not transparent with their campaigns. There should be constant communication between you and the provider, particularly during special situations.
3. Do your research
As soon as you decided on your needs, and paid attention to their customer support, you’ll have to dig deeper. It may sound ironic, but check their reputation. They may be an online reputation management service, but their reputation might be suffering. Pay special attention to what other customers have to say about them. Check on multiple websites and read every review, don’t just count the star ratings. If it’s feasible, contact companies which already work with the ORM, and ask them about their experience with the service provider. Also, call the ORM provider and ask about their methodologies,

technologies employed and some of their previous cases. All in all, if an ORM provider doesn’t care about its reputation, why would it care about yours.


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