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Most self-help entrepreneurial books and videos sprinkled through the Internet will give you the impression that starting your own business and making the big bucks is a piece of cake.
“They make it sound easy because they’re trying to get you to attend a seminar or buy books and videos,” said Todd Paton, president of Paton Marketing, a south Florida based Internet marketing firm. “Well, that’s simply not the case because most businesses fail. But by failing, we can learn.”
That’s part of the message from this driven entrepreneur, who is showing the ups and downs of the journey through the Paton Project, an educational series of videos that will document the successes and failures of six businesses his company is starting in the coming year.
Why can he be so candid about the process? Simple. Because he’s not selling anything. Paton is educating.
What makes him an expert?
He went from rags-to-riches-to-rags in the 2000s as a mortgage broker with more than 100 employees at several locations throughout Florida. When 2008 hit, he lost everything. Homes, buildings, cars – everything. That’s when he focused on learning as much as he could about the Internet. And, today his company is one of the leading Internet branding firms in Florida.
But it’s his promotion of being an entrepreneur that really gets him going, and his actions prove it. And, Todd is doing it in an entertaining way. But he stresses that it’s not easy.
The first of two businesses are underway and the journey starts with these videos on the YouTube Paton Project channel. Take a look and enjoy.
Stay tuned to these blogs and YouTube for updates on the Paton Project. Enjoy!

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