Points to consider as a B2B marketer when you formulate your Inbound Marketing and SEO Strategy

Written By SEO Team

We all are well aware of the fact that the B2B marketing strategies work differently than B2C. In B2B marketing, there are longer sales cycles, and you are always in need of content that fuels the buyer journey. Studies and surveys have shown that the content preferences for B2B marketing can vary from time to time. It requires brands to conduct in-depth research and produce content that works in a longer form for both online and offline events.

At Paton, we have observed that B2B is often linked with uninteresting white papers and case studies of various industrial domains. However, the information is precious when it comes to customer acquisition. What B2B marketers need to keep in mind is that the competition for a businessman’s time and attention in this technological era is fierce, with a rise in superior quality content marketing. You need to create something that will tick with the practical side of B2B in order to stand out. The packaging of the content needs to be more versatile, as it’s not just one person you are approaching.

Often, B2B buyers are committees and not sole individuals. Hence, the content needs to be informative as well as entertaining. That requires proper understanding of the committee process and dynamic. As a marketer, you have to deal with multiple persons and create content, SEO strategy for them; which is very different from implementing an inbound program directed at a single persona.

What’s working well with Inbound Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?

Integration of Content, SEO, Social Media and Public Relations

Integration of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing handiwork with Social Media is a successful formula. Since, popular publications that cover a brand will surely send traffic towards your website along with strong links that escalate the rankings. Creating rich media content like videos, info-graphics and various other interactive tools that are useful and entertaining can captivate direct traffic, links and social media shares that can enhance organic visibility.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Software has worked wonders especially for B2B marketers when they make active efforts to create optimized and socialized content for the interest of special customer segments. Direct email communications with various companies has proved beneficial when it comes to proceeding towards transactions; which started merely as interest generating conversations.

The practice of creating something useful to generate demand, attract a particular audience and convey your message with an impact is organic marketing or inbound marketing. That’s what brings you success!