Positive Marketing VS. Negative Marketing

Written By SEO Team


1“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Winston Churchill

  • It is not uncommon to see marketing strategies that concentrate on the problems of the consumers and stress on the problems that are surrounding them. Then appears their product as a balm to their wounds and soothes the pain. But does this strategy of exploiting the negative elements of the consumer’s life works well or is it just a temporary boost to grab attention?



  • Well, studies suggest that they are just a temporary boost to grab the attention of consumers. It may hold true for the becoming popular in the media by inviting controversies to fuel the popularity rate. However, this negative marketing strategies may fail to deliver long term benefits.
  • Targeting the negative emotions can be empowering and instantly connect with the customer. However, psychologists suggest that the human brain is designed to remember the positive experiences and emotions with stronger affinity. The emotions like joy, laughter, action and curiosity creates a psychological connection between the consumer and the product.

Power of Positivity



  • P&G cashed in on the idea of introducing a positive element to their advertisement campaign during the Winter Olympics 2014, in Sochi. They used the element of emotional bonding between the mother and her child that builds a champion. Here they highlighted the emotions that majority of the consumers can relate to and feel good about; which grabbed the eyeballs worldwide due to the release at a time when 88 countries were following the telecast, web posts, twitter and facebook updates. This produced increased sale prospects for P&G even in the region where it did not hold any presence and strengthened the position in the existing market.

Risk of giving your competitors free Publicity

  • In the process of negative marketing, there is a high chance that you may end up promoting your competitors. Also, if the marketing strategy proved to be successful, it might turn into a scenario where you face allegations for destroying the reputation of the competitor brand in a legal suit. As a consequence of which you may have to pay heavy penalties in the form of shares or capital.
  • Being positive can earn you the benefits of being the problem solver. People are more concerned with the quick solutions rather than the comparison to find out which has got more haters and followers. You can channelise your marketing budget into positive ideas that depict the qualities of your product and glorify the superiority using high level of creativity by maintaining top quality content. Positive marketing can help in establishing the brand for a longer duration by appealing to the emotions of the consumer.

Marketing experts consider positive marketing has more impact and an organization can capitalize on