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Practical SEO Techniques You’re Doing All Wrong

Written By SEO Team

Are you in the category of marketers who believes that the secret to a website’s success lies upon content marketing alone? If so, debunking such claims without being reminded should be your next in-line action if only you had known what capabilities search engine optimization (SEO) have.

There’s no doubt SEO remains the king of online success of every website, or online portal. I’ll simple say “ignore SEO and forget about your online business and presence in entirety”.

Take a look at just a few recent stats;

94 % of online experience begins with a search engine
75% of online users never scroll past first page of major search engine results
70% to 82% organic search users are not concerned about paid ads

Now let me ask you once again, Is SEO still necessary? Is it?

So far people continue to search and make enquiry for vital things that matters to them, queries about topics of interest, reviews about products, etc. SEO would always be at the top of the game.
To shine more light on it; SEO simply means the language of search engines. It simple translates your website(s) into a language that Search Engines understand in order to show up your page on search results initiated by hunters of information.

However; this still does not mean that your website contents are not relevant or in anyway important, since SEO can simply not do without it. They’re but what matters most remains the optimization of the contents for visibility.

Here are some mistakes a few business owners often commit with their sites:


Keywords used to be … all things considered, key. However, then content got to be top dog.

Despite everything you require Keywords. Two slip-ups that newbies and “experts” alike keep on making? Stuffing Keywords and focusing on the wrong words.

Stuffing aims to trap or trick search engines by utilizing a precise Keyword phrase as a part of an unnatural recurrence.

Anchor texts

Anchor text – the interactive words in a hyperlink – can arrive you in high temperature water if care is not taken.

You need your page links to point to other contents on your site and relevant material on external destinations. Businesses used to get slip with same match or keyword-rich anchor text. Not any longer.

Naked links, have great propensity to take your ranking higher in any case
Long tail links,
Maybe; just don’t rely on “anchor text”.

Image Optimization

We appreciate visuals, and they increase engagement and time spent on site. Outwardly optimized image contents gets more shot, likes and shares.

Yet, there’s an issue: Search engines can’t “see” pictures. Search engines need literary clarifications to comprehend what the picture speaks to and how it associates with your content or article. Hence the need for a clear description.

Ensure to Incorporate a very important title name, alt-description (a description of the picture, as though you were telling a reader what the picture delineates), captions, and picture title. A few studies discovered captions are perused 300 percent more than body content.