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SEO and Content Marketing: Star-Crossed Lovers

Written By SEO Team

There are many people all around the world who are confused about both SEO and Content Marketing. They treat
both of them as different but never get it clear that both are noting just starcrossed lovers. If the aim is to get great
exposure in the search engine world, then SEO and Content Marketing should ideally work together. And if you are
lagging behind then the best of the strategies might not work.

Before discussing on how and what should ideally be done to bring SEO and Content Marketing together, let’ discuss what is the problems why these two are not integrated and the truth behind the overlapping of them.

SEO and Content Marketing are two different concepts; Content Marketing is itself a broader concept than SEO but
also a bit less technical than SEO. And this is the reason they do not work together and most of the time overlaps.
It is the perception of many people that from the day content marketing is here it has rebranded SEO, that is
absolutely not true.

Look at these written articles:Picture1These contents are making no sense, how can content marketing overtakes SEO when the only way to get the
exposure in the world of search engine is SEO+Content Marketing. How can these be torn apart like that?

Thankfully, there are some people present who are raising voice through their blogs that there is no truth behind

If we talk about overlapping then, what people are thinking is this,


whereas the exact reality is this.


Things to be done to bring SEO and Content Marketing together
It is better to start this by quoting that- if SEO makes demand then, content marketing fulfils the demand.


SEO is nothing without content: –Exactly, there is nothing when SEO and Content Marketing are not together,
but once we bring both on board together our work is done.
The best way to say that, SEO demands content and content marketing provides it.

Content is the king, but best of the contents cannot survive and be visible to everyone if it is lagging behind in the
technical aspects. SEO provides the much required technicalities such as, correct URLs, titles, sitemaps and ALT tags and all the stuff that underpins the content marketing strategy.


Content Marketing use keywords provided by SEO: – Keyword research is the backbone of contents
marketing strategy. SEO provides all the keywords that are required by the contents to match the search terms that
searchers are using all around the world.

But use of too many keywords also harms the content as if one is using too many technical aspects in one context
then the language will not be able to match with the content that people are searching or using.


Linking demand of SEO is fulfilled by content marketing: – The major demand of linkbacks of SEO are
provided by content marketing. SEO dreams about best linkbacks, and content marketing fulfil their dreams by
producing high-quality contents that attract those links.

SEO can build links by contracting with different link building agencies but by this they cannot attain the demandin
This can only be done by producing a stellar link and letting it to the masses who link back to it which
ideally is the best way to the continual success of SEO.