SEO Strategies for Your Small Business – What to  Know

Written By SEO Team

Running a small business is tough. Everyone knows this. You must pay attention to every detail, from planning and product design, to financial and legal aspects, and all the way to marketing and your company’s reputation. You must be in control of everything. There’s no marketing department to forward the next advertising campaign to, and there is likely no tech team to offer client support. You are, essentially, on your own. The same goes for your digital marketing efforts… You must understand how it works, what the core concepts are all about and how they can work for your business. You’ll have to know what  SEO stands for, the best strategies for your company and how to dominate your niche.
Here’s  a short  list of the  best SEO strategies that can help your small  business:
1. Plan your keywords
Keywords are… key to your overall SEO strategy,  and you have to get them right from the beginning. You must pick relevant keywords; this basically means that the words that people search online must be similar to your niche. Start by choosing words that best describe your company’s activity, your products or services.
Think about what people might search when looking for your company. Be specific and try to stay clear of general keywords (go for “best auto repair mechanic in  Dallas” instead of “mechanic”). Be relevant and only use keywords that really have something in common with your business.
2. Focus on local results
Most small businesses are active locally and have a lot of potential clients just hours away. Focus on these customers and try to plan your SEO strategy to attract them. People use search engines to look for local restaurants, doctors, mechanics and hardware stores. Don’t ignore local search,  as it will become very important in the future. Start by filling out the Google My Business profile with your company’s details, create profiles on important review websites, such as Yelp!, Foursquare, Glassdoor and so on. This will make your business visible in local searches.
3. Provide stellar content
When it comes to SEO, good content ranks supreme. Whatever you create, be it text content (articles, blogs or interviews), audio content (podcasts), graphics or video content, they will all help your rankings immensely. Use the content either on your website, or on your social media profiles to attract viewers and readers. Provide information, educate your potential customers and help them with their problems. In time, good content will make you an authority in your niche.
4. Social media
This is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised that many small businesses fail to understand how important social media is for their rankings. You must have a social media presence, particularly on the major platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but you must also be active on them. Inactive and abandoned social media profiles don’t look good in Google’s eyes and will damage your rankings in no time. Make sure to post good content, interact with your followers and provide value.


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