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Dave from Paton on the Facebook analytics section
Dave from Paton on the “Facebook analytics” section


Client Success Story

IronFlower fitness – Miami’s first ladies only chic fitness studio, dance studio, social club and spa.

IronFlower fitness had a clear purpose in mind when they contacted Paton Marketing for their SEO services. They expected the SEO campaign to assist them in attaining a radical improvement in online leads for its fitness classes. Paton Marketing was assigned the responsibility of making sure IronFlower Fitness received its rightful position on the popular search engines.

Our SEO team at Paton Marketing carried out an extensive women’s fitness industry research studying competitors and current market trends. Upon a careful analysis, we identified the unique terms most relevant to the client’s business. Paton’s experts spearheaded IronFlower Fitness through a structured SEO roadmap devised to magnify the return on this investment. Following the on-site optimization process, the second phase of the campaign focused on building ethical white hat quality links.

The results:

The client experienced notable improvement in their website’s visibility on search engines. More important, the online traffic to the site increased with over 90%!  The SEO and website project proved to be the key to reaching their target online audience. In addition, Paton Marketing also helped IronFlower enhance their position as a leader in their respective niche. Some of the noteworthy results of this SEO campaign were:

1.Higher ranking on Keywords

2.Increased traffic to the client’s website (90.92% increase)

3.Superior conversion

IronFlowerfitness website

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OK, so you’ve set up your Facebook, Twitter or other social media business pages. If you haven’t set these up yet, please go and do that right now!  Let me guess…. It seems like nothing is really happening on it and it’s unclear if this social media marketing is showing you a good return on your investment/time.

For you, we made the ‘Social media engagement hand guide’. Following these easy steps will ensure that you do everything right and will create all the necessary conditions for a successful social media campaign and ‘buzz’ around your brand’s pages.

1. Define it

Make a list for yourself – What will your brand’s page be all about? Will the content motivate people visiting it to become a fan & engage with your posts? Try ‘personifying’ your brand. What kind of a man/woman would your business be? Keep in mind, you need to identify who you are targeting and then make sure that you are giving “value” to your end user.

2. The killer look

Make sure your page is visually appealing – people are visually oriented and awesome pictures on your timeline, cover picture or profile picture will enhance brand recall. Also, it’s critical to make sure your designs are consistent throughout all your social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel).

3. Spread the word

Share the page with your friends, on your website, your e-mail contacts and all other channels you have (this can all be done from the Facebook business page homepage). Once you have your friends as a fanbase, the page will start spreading to their friends when they start liking or commenting on your posts.

4. Content

What goes for SEO, goes for Social media as well – Content is king! If you succeed in creating enough posts that are engaging and appeal to your audience – you will succeed. Try giving some of your best posts a boost by making them go viral (they will spread to your fan’s friends).  For as little as $5.00 you can use the ‘promote a post’ function on Facebook.

If you have any questions or need help on your social media strategy, please do not hesitate to contact me! Hope you learned something!

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We have various “mini-clinics” that can be given on site of your company, association, chamber or club. These short, interactive and customized presentations cut to the point and will teach you the how-to’s of the internet marketing strategy you’re interested in. Each presentation can be tailored to the internet experience level of the destined audience.

Some of the skill-building presentations we offer:

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3 Keys to e-mail marketing

Don’t see the presentation you were looking for? As long as it’s about internet marketing, chances are we do offer the training you’re looking for! Please don’t hesitate contacting us.