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Social Media Marketing: The Power of FACEBOOK

Written By SEO Team

Considering the statistics, Facebook is too big to be ignored for an advertising agency. In this era of digital marketing and online advertisements, companies thrive for views, click and shares for their advertisements to reach
the global audience. In this scenario, Facebook is a goldmine for the companies (essentially all of them) who want
recognition on the digital platforms.


Likes and Shares


According to a report in 2014, the likes and share on Facebook, result in the viewership of 10 million websites every
day. Compiling the numbers over an year, we get a viewership above 36 billion. The data is sufficient for any
online marketing website to consider Facebook as a priority to optimize social presence.

Engaged and Active Users
Facebook, at any minute or more, precisely speaking, every 60 seconds, more than 500 comments, 293 thousand status updates and 136 thousand photos are updated.This indicates that there are not only active users but also a plethora of engaged users who can be converted into customers.

Targeting Becomes Easy
Targeting customers or the audience for a product may not be as easy as holding the customers. Almost 30% of Facebook Users are under 34 years. This statistics presents a chance for the organizations to target directly the consumers that they are producing for.

Brandwatch says that 76% of the Facebook users are male, and 66% of them are females, this difference can further help the advertisers to strategize their marketing policies for targeting both the genders.

Crowded but Worth the Time
More than forty percent of the marketers feel that Facebook is crowded, but they also agree that one cannot afford to sit outside. This is primary because of the fact that if you are not there, probability is that your competitors are there and possibly taking away your consumers. Therefore, you need to be present on Facebook to deny your competitors the edge of increased greater social presence.

Link Sharing
One million links are shared every 20 minutes on Facebook. This implies that the users are showing interest in your product and at the same time engaging other users. This can be helpful in marketing as the simple golden rule of marketing is that people trust people more than websites.

For example, if a company suggests that their product helps in running faster, you may not buy the product. However, if a friend suggests that the shoes are really comfortable and assist in exercising, you will be bound to give a second thought to it.

Facebook is a platform where you find engaged and active users. Who can be identified and segmented into different categories for targeting the right customers. With an availability of Facebook in 70 languages, it is a medium to reach different regions.