The 2 easily measured Social Media analytics you’d want to keep track of

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Tui Lifestyle is a “high end” luxury brand of furniture that brings new meaning to the very best in quality furniture. Tuihas been a Paton client for a few short months. They are in a highly competitive market, with audience targets in New York City and Miami. Paton has designed and developed an online marketing strategy with the sole purpose of driving more traffic to their site, as well as obtaining “high rankings” on Google and the major search engines. In just a few months, after the Paton team implemented an aggressive strategy for Tui, they are totally dominating online (Page 1) for dozens of very competitive terms in both markets. Additionally, their website traffic is seeing strong gains. At Paton, we customize our campaigns to ensure client satisfaction and success. Achieving this goal takes a commitment and dedication to each and every client we serve. Tui Lifestyle is an online success story for sure.

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Hi ! Converting your social media pages into actual streams of revenue can be a daunting task. We encounter many business owners that put in hard work on their social media pages but do not get the proper return on their investment.
Social media is not the magic bullet many think it is, but we have found it can become a powerful business tool when utilized properly. The trick is to continuously measure & improve. So what to measure? Here are the 2 analytics we think help a great deal when optimized and are easily measured:
1. Virality. Go to your Facebook page and click on ‘see all’ at the insights section in your admin panel. Watch which posts go most viral (get spread out by people liking, sharing or commenting on it). Look for which day & time the posts were placed on, what they were about and what kind of content it was. This is the time & content your fans apparently want to engage with.
2. Clicks. We suggest creating a free account or other link
tracking website to keep track of how many clicks each link gets. Again, look for which links get most clicks by the day they were posted on and the topic the link was on.

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