The New Google Expanded Ads Are Here: What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Written By SEO Team

Google’s Expanded Ads are here. And they aren’t waiting for you to catch up to them.
That’s right. Beginning January 31, 2017, Google Expanded Text Ads will become the only text ads available.

What does this mean for you and your business?
Google’s calling it the biggest change to AdWords in 15 years, so it means quite a lot.

We tend to agree!
Today, we’re going to take you through a tour of the new Expanded Ads. We’ll take a look at what Google Ads are, the changes the new Expanded Ads introduce, and how your business can best adapt and benefit from the new format.

Let’s get started!

What Are Google Ads?

For the uninitiated, Google Search Ads are text ads that appear alongside Google search results whenever users search by keyword for the products/services your company provides.

With Google Ads, you simply create an ad by inputting the text, keywords and landing page URL you desire, and set an ad budget. Your ads will show up on Google search sites, YouTube, Google search partners, and the Google Display Network (partnered websites outside of Google).

However, Google Expanded Ads are primed to change your approach to how you design Google Ads.

Google Expanded Ads: What’s New

While your existing ads will continue to be available as of January 31, they won’t be editable in their old format and won’t take advantage of the benefits of Expanded Ads (see below). Additionally, any new ads created must be generated in the new, Expanded Text Ads format.
(Receive step-by-step instruction on how to edit both the new and old ads here.)

While most of the features of Google Expanded ads—tracking capabilities, etc.— remain the same, there are the following major changes:

Larger Overall Size

Let’s start with the big change, literally and figuratively: Google Expanded Ads are now 2x bigger!


(Well, approximately 47-percent bigger, but you get the idea.)

The old 25-35-35 character limit is dust in the wind. You now have 140 total characters to use throughout your Google Expanded Ads text space. (You know, Twitter style!)

Bigger Headlines

In case you’re forgetting, previously there was only one 25-character headline available. Now, you have two 30-character headlines at your fingertips that can be used to reach your audience.

Meatier Descriptions

Further, instead of two 35-character description lines (70 characters total), you get to rock out with a single 80-character description line.

Smart Display URLs

Google Expanded Ads will now automatically pull the domain from the final URL. You no longer have to manually enter it.

There’s also two, optional URL paths you can use to strengthen the efficacy of the display URL. The new path fields will give viewers a better idea of where they’re headed before they click. These paths can utilize up to 15 total characters.

Mobile-First, Always

The new Google Expanded Ads leverage the aforementioned extra space to strengthen your mobile search presence. This naturally gets applied to the desktop, too.

Google Expanded Ads wrap automatically based upon the device they’re displayed on. Simple!

Making the Most of Google’s New Expanded Ads

There’s a number of ways you can take advantage of the new Google Expanded Ads. Each method will help propel your business forward in the ad space.

1. Use the Bulk Editor

Editing of multiple expanded ads at once is offered through bulk editing. Standard ads can also be edited in this manner, even after the January 31 cut-off date. (You just can’t create new standard ads.)Picture2

Further, bulk upload changes via spreadsheet are supported for Google Expanded Ads. You should definitely check this out!

2. Supplement Existing Ads

Reconsider editing your existing, standard Google ads. Instead, supplement these existing ads with fresh, expanded text ads for optimal performance.

3. Reconsider Overall Ad Messaging

With more space comes more opportunity to convey your brand’s personality. Always bear this firmly in mind.

4. Consider Mobile and Desktop Differences

Google Expanded Ad headlines will appear slightly differently on mobile versus desktop.

The headline is likely to “wrap” past the initial line on a mobile device’s screen. Keep this in mind, and tinker with different headline variations to ensure the best “fit” for both mobile and desktop in the eyes of your viewers.

5. Play With Variations

Ad variations are important!

Take full advantage of the A/B-type campaign testing Google’s Expanded Ads offer. Try out different ad variations, and see which offer the best return for your company. Don’t rush this step!
What fun optimizations have you discovered in your time with the new Google Expanded Ads? Let us know in the comments below!