The present and the future of Social Media as a marketing tool

Written By SEO Team

We are all aware about the unavoidable growth of social media as a strong marketing component in the field of digital marketing. This year we saw the explosive growth of snapchat, decline of google+ and the rise of live-streaming on YouTube. With these being of the top of the list and only in the first seven months, there is a lot to come for the future of social media. A practice which is bringing you maximum traffic one day can be a complete downfall the other day on the social media platforms.

As we are entering into the latter half of  2015, now is a good time to sit back and analyse where we are now and where we will be in the future, when we talk about social media as an internet marketing tool. This post will talk about the existing opportunities, what future holds for us and what skills are to be needed to cope up with the future audience trends.

Opportunities at present

Because of  the rapidly changing trends in social media and internet marketing there are many opportunities that are often overlooked by the marketers, the need of the hour is to analyse the existing marketing opportunities. Social media marketers fail to understand the potential of LinkedIn updates and ads, LinkedIn not only boast of having more than 380 million users but there users are much more affluent than that of Facebook or Twitter.

Today businesses hold events like twitter party, podcasts and hangouts which not only help show support of the brand for a community but also capitalize major benefits of such events without doing the leg work themselves.

The next best thing

In the field of social media the next innovation is just around the  corner. With vlogging being identified as a rising tool for internet marketing, it is constantly in demand and gives rise to several other options.

A 30 second embeded and auto play video on twitter is a great way to engage audience in valuable content. YouTube is the second largest search engine with only second to google. In coming future for social media it will be mandatory to connect with your audience on live stream. You can’t be on social media if you are not talking or engaging with your audience.

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