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The Real Truth about Redirect 301

Written By SEO Team

At Paton Marketing, we conduct periodic SEO tests in order to keep ourselves updated with the ever changing algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Over the years, these tests have helped us get better at what we do.

While running these tests, we perform several website audits and we often ask ourselves that why are the redirects being less talked about than they should actually be. So I am writing this blog to explain that why Redirects need to be used for quality SEO.

What is a Redirect 301?


Precisely, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one to another URL. Many people describe the 301 as a form for change of address and believe me this statement is quite appropriate. In a more layman terms, a 301 Redirect is like providing your new address at the Post Office, so that the mails that are addressed to your previous address gets forwarded to the new location.

One of our client’s previous website was http://campbelllaw-miami.com/and they wanted change it to http://thecampbelllawgroup.com/. We implemented a 301 redirect from the older URL to the new URL. So, now if you type the older website address, it will be redirected to the new one.

Why do Redirecting?


All the traffic coming to your previous website and users who have bookmarked your website will not be welcomed to a Error 404: Page Not Found. Instead they will reach your current address.

I can tell you how much money do the business owners spend on getting traffic to their websites. It is QUITE MUCH! This what SEO is doing, trying to flood your website with traffic. When you have invested an appreciable amount of your funds to get a particular website (URL) rank on the search engines, then how you cannot want ROI aka Returns On Investments.

The keywords used for the previous URLs, the links, the backlinks; you need to secure all the investments that you have made previously to get your website ranked. Redirecting will help you secure all the investments.

Eliminate Duplicates



Redirecting enables you to remove the fear of duplicate content. Your new website content can be similar or the exact copy of the previous website, it really does not matter much. But Google is not that lenient. It penalises you for duplicate content, so you better redirect it to the new website or face the penalties.