What Is Anchor Text In Seo
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The Rebirth of Anchor Text in SEO and Few Points to Note Down?

Written By SEO Team

Nothing makes your a website’s contents and objects feel so connected as never than “Anchor Links”. I simply call it the parent component of online community since it plays the role of a parent – which is connecting and trying to unite its children and every member of the online community.

The use of anchor links in your online platform (your website, blogs, portals etc) causes each page to get connected to each other; allowing search engine bots to easily index them and more so, giving them quality ranks.

Here are the things you’d be glad to know about anchor text.

What is Anchor Text and Why is it Important?

Texts that link to another location or report on the Web are referred to as anchor texts. To put it plainly, it’s interactive content in a hyperlink. For example, in the sentence “Semrush gives a diagram of anchor text,” Semrush is the anchor text. You can easily create it utilizing this straightforward HTML code:

<a href=”http://www.example.com”>Anchor Text</a>

The more importance we see in backlinks as related to SEO ranking factor, anchor text is going to assume a huge part. It’s additional for the advantage of web indexes, with the goal that they can figure out what the “linked-to page” is about. Before the 2012 Penguin update, Google implemented the use of anchor texts to comprehend whether a specific site was important or not. These days, anchor texts serve as an extraordinary medium for the search engines to punish sites for spam and over-optimization.

Search engine algorithms

Point 1. Anchor text is weighted (ranked) highly in search engine results, in light of the fact that the linked content is very relevant to the point of arrival. The goal of web crawlers is to give exceptionally relevant query results; here is where anchor texts helps, as the inclination seemed to be, as a general rule, to hyperlink words related to the particular page. Anchor texts can likewise effectively serve or direct a user to inside pages on the website, which may certainly help rank the site higher in the search results.

Point 2. Website admins may use anchor texts to acquire high results in web search engine result pages. Google’s Webmaster Tools encourage this improvement by giving site proprietors a chance to see the most well-known words in anchor text linking to their site.

Previously, Google blow-up was conceivable through anchor text malpractices; in any case, in January 2007, Google declared it had redesigned and updated its algorithm to minimize the effect of Google bombs, which refers to a trick where individuals try to bring about another person’s website to rank for a dark or good for nothing query.

Conclusively; for business people who set up websites for relevant purposes and business needs, it is ideal to follow up with the best practices. In order not to get hit by Penguin update; else – recovery time may just be a hold-up of your business or lead to total defunct.