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The sure-shot formula for the success of your SEO campaign

Written By SEO Team

Getting a successful SEO campaign is not as easy as it seems. So, with billions of web pages waiting to be indexed and countless people working to get their websites to the top, one wonders what SEO strategy can help them achieve their goals.
As an SEO professional, how do you execute your perfect SEO plan? An ideal way would be
to recognize the SEO technique that works for your campaign (depending upon your market niche, web page contents, and other factors)
put the most of your resources, from labor to innovation
and finally, by measuring your results. Only a measured outcome stands a chance to introspection and thus improvement.


But idealism is not very pragmatic. And terms like the “best SEO Strategy” are often irritating and not very clearly defined. So how do we cross the desert?

  • Verify your internal linking well
    Having a backlink from ulterior websites will help your SEO strategy, but is that the only beneficial linking possible? Not at all! You can consider linking your pages to your onsite content. And in parts you will notice the small shifts accounting for a big difference in the website rankings.


You should select the poorly performing web pages that hamper your website’s net value. So as to get the page improved, you can consider driving more and more links to this page on other (relatively better web pages on your website).
You well know how Google acknowledges and rewards the pages when the intent and context of the page is not compromised. So, if your web page has a description and content matching the title and the targeted keywords, you can expect your website’s ranking to skyrocket.

  • The power of visuals
    It is for a reason that Google prefers sites having Youtube videos embedded in them. As a matter of fact, videos are 50x more likely to show up on the 1st page of Google vs. traditional text pages.


While embedding videos on your websites will let that videos reach a far greater audience, it will instantly reduce the bounce rate of your web page. Even a Youtube link for a video can have the same effect, though at a lower pace and amplitude.

  • Fresh content
    Now this has no substitute. Having stale and outdated content is a big “NP” for any website. Get your content team work on the latest available trends and then produce a content that is not just appealing but also unique and fresh. This, in the opinion of many, is the sure shot formula for success.