The Top 3 Benefits of Live Video

Written By SEO Team

While live video was still “new” to businesses in 2016, it’s expected to see enormous growth in 2017 and beyond. In fact, video content in general is poised for a huge jump, with eMarketer predicting video will be the fastest-growing category on desktop, mobile, and overall through 2020.

1.1But why all the fuss behind live streaming in particular? Why should your business be using it as part of your social video strategy? Below, we’ll answer those questions through revealing the top three benefits of live video.

Real-time Content Offers Greater Brand Engagement

If you already have an online content strategy, that’s fantastic. It’s important to offer articles and social updates that help you connect with your audience.

But you can be doing more.

Live streaming gifts your social strategy with a point of differentiation versus what other companies are offering. Live content affords you the opportunity to connect in real-time with your audience. This live engagement lets you speak directly with viewers, taking suggestions and adapting your content on-the-fly as desired.

This real-time interactivity offers wonderful results for your brand exposure, too. Forrester research and advisory firm has discovered that live video receives three times the amount of engagement as pre-recorded video.

No Restriction to Video Length

Sometimes restrictions are in place for a reason, but let’s be real: no one likes to be held back. Fortunately, with live video you don’t have to be.

Unlike conventional, pre-recorded social videos that usually come with a time limit—for example, pre-recorded videos posted to Instagram are limited to between three and 60 seconds—live video can run as long as you like. You don’t have to fret over fitting your content or branding initiatives into a confined space or span of time. This opens up the kind of content you can feature. Want to host a lengthy interview? No problem. Looking to give a detailed tour of your entire workplace? Go for it.

In sum, if there aren’t any restrictions to your live streaming length, they are self-imposed.

Sense of Urgency

Live video is inherently scarce. Unless you choose to record your video for consumption after the fact, once you stop streaming, your content is gone.

1.2This scarcity can be used to your advantage through creating a sense of urgency in your viewers. For example, you can announce a discount code for a product or service exclusively through your live video that expires at midnight that day, for example. It’s a fantastic way to reward your live streaming viewers while also funnelling leads to landing pages of your choice for the ultimate goal of making sales conversions.

Further, because live videos are inherently temporary, it’s a lower-risk way to experiment with new types of content. The content category is more spontaneous by its very nature, encouraging creativity.

If you’re looking for further guidance on how to adopt a successful live video strategy, Paton Internet Marketing is offering a social video marketing service that can create booming brand engagement numbers for your business.

And if you’re hoping to learn more about live video services in particular, check our blog next week as we discuss the features and benefits of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Instagram live video.