The Top 5 Secrets to a Popular Business Podcast

Written By SEO Team

It’s wonderful to build your brand with savvy social media marketing and well-crafted blog content. Still, there’s always more you can do.

If you’re looking for an additional method to boost your brand and generate more sales leads, a business podcast is the way to go.

Below, we’re going to walk you through how to start a podcast successfully, building an audience through strategies that include identifying your niche, focusing on content over pricey equipment, and dedicating yourself to a consistently delivered product.


Select the Right Niche

The first step to establishing a popular business podcast that can lead to growth for your company is to choose what you’re going to talk about.

This sounds self-evident, but too often brands jump into talking about something they either aren’t passionate about or aren’t knowledgeable about. If you’re going to be successful with your podcast on a consistent basis, you’ll need to be both—not one or the other.

Once you understand what you’re going to talk about, narrow down your target audience. Ask yourself, “Who am I talking to? What kind of person would be interested in what I’m speaking on?” If the answer to that is “middle-aged, established business professionals,” you’ll want to forego the kind of slang you might institute if you were speaking to young professionals.


Be All About Branding

Branding is as important for your business podcast as it is for the rest of your business efforts.

Do you have a clever podcast name? Does your show introduction utilize some snappy music or perhaps a catchy jingle? What about a logo, and a website that incorporates that logo and lists your podcast episodes?

Also, speaking of websites: Bear in mind that approximately 60% of Google’s search traffic in 2016 came from mobile! So, make sure the website(s) promoting your podcast feature a responsive design.

Focus on Content, Not Expensive Equipment

Remember, content is king, not expensive podcasting equipment.

Sure, upgrading your equipment can be fun and improve the quality of your product, but you’ll at least want to wait until you’re several podcast episodes in before investing in an endeavour you may not enjoy in the medium- to long-term.

A huge part of crafting great content? Interesting interviews! Hit up your personal and professional networks and see who you can secure for your show. Ensure these individuals stand as an authority on the subject matter, and also aim for face-to-face interviews whenever possible. These offer the best audio quality.


Invest in a Great Microphone

Speaking of audio quality, we’re going to immediately violate our above rule in one way: Make sure you invest in a great microphone right off-the-bat.

While a bunch of fancy equipment generally isn’t necessary, a quality microphone will noticeably improve your podcast and help retain listeners. And more listeners = more potential sales.

Here’s a resource for selecting a sublime microphone at a reasonable, small business-oriented price.

Set a Publishing Schedule

As with all forms of content, consistency is key when establishing your business podcast presence. Don’t leave your audience hanging!

You’ll want to be upfront with your audience about when they can expect to enjoy new content. Will you add a new podcast every Monday? Wednesday? Every day of the week? Consider the time implications, make a decision, inform your listeners, and stick to it!

If you’re aching for more inspiration, you can listen to a few of our latest podcasts here at Paton Internet Marketing. And if you want hands-on guidance, our services are only a click away!