The Top 6 Reasons Customers Are Leaving Your Website

Written By SEO Team

Are customers leaving your website?
Don’t let possible sales slip away. More often than not, there’s a common set of problems your website is suffering from that’s simply turning prospective customers off to your content. Fixing these issues can lead to the immediate improvement of your internet marketing efforts, boosting sales conversions in the process.

Below are our top six reasons customers are leaving your website:

Too Many Ads and Distractions

Frequent, flashy graphics? Annoying popups everywhere? Forget them.

Sure, some advertising is necessary, and you’ll of course want your branding to be noticeable. But good website design requires a smart balance of these elements alongside what really matters to your viewers: great content. Always put your content front-and-center, or risk losing customers.

Oh, and auto-playing audio and video? Always a big no-no… unless you’re just trying to tick your visitors off, of course.

Difficult Navigation

Slick navigation is crucial. If your visitors don’t immediately know where to click and how to find the content they’re after, why would they stick around to listen to your message and/or heed a call-to-action?

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to good site navigation principles, here’s a collection of tools to assist you.

Lack of Responsive Design

1234Responsive design means your site is mobile friendly. And with 56% of consumer traffic to leading U.S. websites in 2016 coming from mobile devices, if your site doesn’t feature responsive design, you’re potentially losing customers. Make the update!

Content That is Difficult to Read

Aside from the ad and video-related distractions above, content can be difficult to read solely because of its formatting.

If your web copy doesn’t feature good spacing, ample white space, and clear titles and subtitles, your content is going to be difficult to read and your internet marketing efforts will suffer.
Also, be sure to use images to further break up large blocks of text!

Slow-Loading Sites

A slow-loading site can kill your chances at making a sales conversion. KISSmetrics reports that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in as little as two seconds or less.

Here’s a resource for checking your site’s loading metrics on desktop and mobile platforms, with actionable recommendations on how to turbo-charge site speed.

Lack of a Clear Call-to-Action

Now that we apparently have an attention span shorter than that of goldfish, you have to get directly to the point with a clear call-to-action (CTA) that directs the user to their next stop and instructs them on how to proceed.

Whether it’s a quick-and-easy “Contact us now!” that leads to a conventional landing page, or something more involved, make sure the call-to-action is presented in a clear, bold manner that your visitors can understand within seconds of arriving at your site.

The ultimate takeaway is this: If you leverage each of the six pieces of advice above, your internet marketing efforts should take a turn for the better in short order.

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