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The Transformation of SEO

Written By SEO Team

Remaining open to ideas and innovation is key to attaining success in the industry. SEO has evolved in its outlook and strategic terms so much that it includes a vast range of activities in its spectrum. These various activities are often misrepresented as contesting aspects of SEOs.

The main concern is what space does SEO get in the marketing industry. Most of the people in the marketing industry now feel that SEO is integral to digital marketing and web designing.However, there is certain specific feature of SEO that distinguishes it from the rest of the marketing service.


SEO enters to the marketing service in much later part. The important aspect often recognised is designing a website. Winning a client by enhancing the ranking of their business is the primary goal of SEO managers. However, this much followed pattern sidelines the potential of SEO.

The shift in SEO’s importance requires the change in perspective of marketing service industry.  SEO now needs to be seen as a process in itself contributing towards the larger goal of marketing. However, there are certain traditional ideas that still fools companies out of believing in their success rate.But the truth is that these traditional  techniques have their pitfalls. Also, these manipulative techniques are subject to penalties.

The different approach for SEO distinguishes between generated market strategies and paid marketing strategy. It’s better to choose a road map to intervene. Commitment, no timeline and vision for marketing would allow you to create an appropriate situation to intervene.

The transition in SEO execution and planning has evolved into some new SEO strategy. There is still a various school of thought. Some school believe that content is important in generating link whereas other rely on building link, ORM and other tools.