Things to Do Before Running Ads on Your Videos

Written By SEO Team

So, you created your first videos and uploaded them on YouTube. You wrote a script for them, edited them and you are proud of your work. You’ve set up your channel and it’s slowly getting more and more subscribers. You start to think about monetizing your channel. After all, everyone is doing it. Ads are popping up everywhere on YouTube and there’s obviously a lot of money to make.

Luckily, thanks to YouTube’s relationship with Google (it’s a subsidiary), monetizing videos is easier than ever. You’ll get a lot of powerful tools that can help you set up a campaign and you’ll know exactly what happens in your videos. If all is okay with your account, you’ll have ads up and running in a matter of hours. But before running ads and making money with your YouTube account, there are some things you’ll need to consider.
You’ll have to become a YouTube Partner
Becoming a YouTube Partner is the first step you’ll have to make if you want to make money on the platform. In doing so, you basically agree to allow Google to place and manage ads in your videos. When they are clicked, or other type of interaction, you’ll get paid. That’s the essential part, but here is a step-by-step guide:

  • log in to your YouTube account and go to the account features panel. In this section, hit the monetization area located in the middle of the features menu. Hit the enable button and go through the other required steps. Make sure you agree with Google’s terms of service so you can continue. Keep in mind that Google will not monetize YouTube accounts which have repeatedly ignored or disregarded copyright rules;
  • As soon as you agree with the terms of service, a dialog box pops up where you’ll have to choose the type of advertisement you want in your videos. You are presented with the two types of ads you can choose from: overlay in-video ads or TrueView in-stream ads. Also you’ll get a box which teaches you about product placements in videos;
  • Overlay in-video ads are the ads you see displayed at the start of the video (for 5 seconds);
  • TrueView in-stream ads are small banners located in the lower third of the video and it runs together with your video, without any disruption;
  • you can choose either overlay in-video or TrueView in-stream ads, but also both; don’t stress about which is better for now; you’ll have plenty of time to study your Adsense statistics and determine which is better for your videos;
  • after you’ve chosen the type of ad, hit the monetize button in the lower left area and you are done; after a short review period, your videos will be live, together with the ads you’ve chosen;

Getting paid
Your earnings will get funneled to your Adsense account, where you can monitor your income, your average click-through rates and many other statistics. Adsense will pay you after you reach $100 in your account, so you will have to be a little patient before the ball starts rolling.
Making money on YouTube is feasible and a lot of people are doing it. Obviously, the people raking in millions are the exception to the rule, but there’s plenty of room for new players on this amazing video platform. You’ll just have to like what you are doing, have fun and create high quality content, and you are all set.