Three Lead Generations Strategies from the Experts in Digital Marketing

Written By SEO Team

Generating leads is essentially important for B2B marketing. In each of the Internet marketing project that we undertake, Lead generation is a compulsive step. If our clients do not have the accurate information in their ROI’s, it is quite an uphill task for them to improve their business or services.

Being in the market for so long, I have come across various B2B businesses, and these businesses have a common requirement, which is lead generation. So, this time I decided to write for you some strategies and guidelines for empowering your lead generation campaigns. Capture

a) Identifying the Target

This is the first step and this is where you start by identifying your target audience. By knowing the audience or the market for your services, you will know how to develop engaging content and increase your customer base. If you fail to identify your audience, there is a little chance that you will make informed decisions. Once you get the first step right, the coming steps will be cakewalk for you.

b) LSI Keywords

What the bad SEO agencies do is that they use quite similar variations of the keywords and and sometime they do not use any variation at all. As a result the website loses out on ranking. For instance, consider the phrase “Discounted umbrellas in Miami”. The Latent Semantic Indexing (aka LSI) points towards the part of Google’s algorithm that finds synonymous words. Consider using variations such as “Umbrellas in Miami at reduced price” and “Miami umbrellas on discount”. Such variations not only eliminate the risk of losing out on the rankings due to synonymous keywords, but also good for user experience.

c) Have more valuable Blogs

Consider going through the blog sections of some leading websites. You would find these websites have maintained their blog sections very well. They periodically update the content and aim to provide more valuable information to the people coming to their websites. You will never get the required leads if your visitors bounce off from your blogs.

Blogs and other website content should not look like newspaper article or a piece of reading comprehension. Break your content into heading, subheading and points. This way you provide the visitors/readers a roadmap for the content and they can comfortably navigate through the content. This will enable the visitors to stay on your website and give you the valuable leads.

These three strategies can add a great value to your lead generation efforts. I recommend that you put them into action today and you will find your website is generating an increased number of leads, of better quality.