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Three mistakes that kills your Internet marketing prospects

Written By SEO Team

Social media forums provide immense prospects to reach, engage and convert your target audience. Not just they but also their friends and social contacts can notice your brand if you are on Facebook, Twitter or such prized social networking sites. Regardless of whether you are a growing company or a mature firm, your marketing strategies can get exciting shades of success through integration at social media channels.
Spreading brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty can be achieved at social sites with much ease and lesser costs. Texas Tech University found that more customer engagement on social media results in an accomplishing greater loyalty from the customers.

“The bread of strangers are bitter, and stairs difficult to climb,” said Dante. True to its core, mismanaged social media activities can hurt both your business and online reputation as an authority. It is thus critical to playing the cards well, lest you risk alienating your customer base forever. While there is a remedy to every problem, you must have heard the old saying that “prevention is better than cure”.


Why Have accounts on all social media channels?
Just because your brand needs promotion and your marketing executives are enthusiastic guys may not spoil your focus. Of course, being omnipresent is the best thing, but only when you can manage that properly. If you create profiles on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Slideshare and so on, you might risk your social media marketing plans. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

Analyze your targeted audience.
Are they professionals who find LinkedIn more sophisticated? Or are they college-going youngsters who hang out at Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram? Do you cater the academic audience that has adapted to Quora? It’s your call, and you must make it before it’s too late. Select only those social channels where your target audience is. Focus on the social media platforms that you choose.

Only brand promotion and no other posts
Imagine the world where everyone is talking all about oneself. Horrific as it sounds, your social media account also risks being called the same. Okay, you are into social media thing because you want to engage users with your brand and your products. But talking only about yourself can make others bored while visiting your profile.