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Three Reasons Behind Everyone’s Quest for Google’s AMP’d Invent

Written By SEO Team

With Google’s mobile responsiveness project rolling out barely 15 months ago; it has in the same vein announced how big it’s Mobile Amplified Pages Project would follow. Google insists the newly launched amplified pages project was inspired by the patronage and love the world has for small computing mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and pads etc.

Not only was Google’s Mobile Amplified Pages targeted at mobile users who would consistently want to surf the internet, search websites, conduct researches and virtually wants to do everything online from their mobile phones. But also to assist business owners, websites/blog owners get their contents for read on the devices of mobile users with ease.
Amplified pages is undoubtedly a project to reshape and bridge the gap between website contents and mobile targeted audience view. For instance; some of the reasons while it still bags the support of millions of users includes:

Search time reduced

Undoubtedly, users and web surfers will now find it easier to browse and perform other important activities over the internet without having to wait for minutes for the websites to load. Prior to the coming of Google’s mobile responsiveness algorithm project on April 2015. Google had carefully pointed out those few challenges mobile device users undergo in the quest to seek information from online. Citing slow search and load time as principal causes.
Now with the Amplified pages, load time will even be shortened by 5 to 6 times as it is on the responsive pages. Thus a faster browsing experience.

Result Filter

Search results will likewise be bolstered in in the same hand. With Google amplified pages, search results will not only perform an intensive digging before serving the relevant results. But will intuitively serve results for only pages that has been amplified to give mobile searchers a fast, smart and quick experience. Results are not likely going to change in any case, but would be based on a website’s readiness to serve its contents to mobile audiences.

Saves Data and Promotes Businesses

The amplified Google’s invent wouldn’t have gone a long way without taking into consideration, the business or entrepreneurial aspect of it. For business owners who are focused on reaching out online and social media customers, the amplified pages would do a lot more to help your website contents served to the right audience. For example, it helps increase website content readership. A lot of website visitors are actually obsessed with fast browsing and none wants to sit for minutes waiting for you website to finish loading in its heftiness. They’d simply jump to the next available option and may never come back. But with the amplified platform, you’re sure of each website click you get.