The Three Social Media Networks You’re Not Using That Can Double Your Traffic

Written By SEO Team

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you’re fortunate, you’ve got a great presence on each network, and your communities there are thriving.1

You’ve effectively got all your bases covered, right?


There’s so much more out there than just those three social media titans. In fact, there are several social media networks that are likely missing from your video content marketing strategy altogether—but can nonetheless be leveraged to double your traffic.

We’re going to detail three of our favorites below.


Our first social media network you may have neglected is Medium.

2As of December 2016, Medium now has a reported 60 million monthly visitors—an increase of 140% from the year prior!

Like Twitter, users can follow contributors on Medium. Readers can recommend your article—along with any video(s) you choose to embed as part of your video content marketing strategy—thereby sharing it with their follower base.

More importantly, Medium is algorithm-based. This algorithm is designed to reward great content, and not overhyped junk. The best pieces that receive the most interaction (“likes,” comments) are pushed to the top of the niche publication pages they’re a part of.

In short, you don’t need thousands of Facebook friends or even an existing blog to stand out on Medium. You only need a self-dedication to producing great content for your audience.


It’s quite likely you’ve heard of Reddit, but you may have underestimated its potential to bolster your traffic.

It may not enjoy the renown of other social networks—it’s not even a publicly traded company—but Reddit is nonetheless an immensely lively community. (It now has more than 234 million unique users!)

Redditors are smart and savvy, and they can sniff out ‘BS’ marketing a mile away. However, if you offer them content of value, they’ll “upvote” your content, sending it rocketing up the ‘subreddit’ (topic page) it’s a part of. This will potentially land you a ton of traffic.

Quick tip: Consider hosting your own Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). An AMA is an event wherein a professional in their field—that’s you!—starts a thread and accepts any and all questions. This engages the community and is a sublime way for you to create that value Redditors demand. is a bit of the oddball of this social media group. You don’t “follow” people like with so many social networks. You also don’t use it as a content publishing platform.3
Instead, think of as a digital business card. It’s a platform for letting people know who you are and what you do. You can include a link to your business’s YouTube channel (or any site of import in relation to your video content marketing strategy), funnel viewers to all of your social media channels, include your backstory, and even promote a call-to-action (CTA). Additionally, you’re provided information about who accesses your profile, where they hail from, and what they click on.

Perhaps most importantly, with fewer people using there’s a greater opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd. If you are your brand (or at least an integral part of it), can measurably add to your business’s online exposure.

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