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Three Things To Look For in Ecommerce Website Payment Gateway.

Written By SEO Team

Every ecommerce website development process consumes an ample time coupled with the demanding requisites that all have to be in place before the whole system can be set and ready for launch. Crucial features of the ecommerce website becomes even more challenging to put together then the testing to ensure it is fully and properly implemented.

When you discuss the most important elements of an ecommerce store that should come first before others; the ecommerce payment gateway is one of the most important. When it comes to making the decision on which payment gateway to use for your online store – this is where the rubber meets the road for a few business owners out there. It is often at times difficult to know the best one to pick, the topic yet turns more complicated in the event that you don’t have prior idea on payment gateways.

This is not the kind of problem that lingers on for long, with an experienced ecommerce web development company handling your project, they should serve as better consultants and wouldn’t mind sharing their thought with you; else, endeavor to ask! Nonetheless, here is a checklist of the very important things to know about in your own case:

The Company’s Age in the Business.

Money is concerned and the health and finance of your entire online store business is as stake here! And hence, the very big reason why you should ensure that the payment gateway you intend to use have a strong backing. On the off-chance that the business is one or barely two years old, delving into their services is a red light sign, and may not be good for your business especially when your ecommerce launch is expected to be a very big one.

Where is it Located

Does the location of an ecommerce payment gateway really matter. There are so many data in which you’d be sure to grab by knowing the location of your anticipated ecommerce payment gateway. Some of them includes the Currency type to charge on your website, remuneration and withdrawal method and mode e.t.c.

Percentage on Sales

Some ecommerce payment companies charge their users/subscribers extensively high and that may never be healthy for your online store. Some of these high charges can be figured out at different phases of the transactions. At the merchant registration level, cost charged on completing a single sale, cost charged at the time of withdrawal of accumulated sales money etc.,

Payment Threshold

Payment threshold is the total amount of money accumulated from sales of your products and items that have been added to your account. Once after a sale has been completed and the total amount has been calculated and added to your balance, you need to know the payment withdrawal threshold. I.e., whether its is once your sales amount is 500USD that you’d be eligible to withdraw it or must it be once every month or bi-monthly etc.