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Top 7 ways to get Repeat Visitors

Written By SEO Team

Consumers visit once and never return to your site, all they do is take one look and hit the return key or they see the home page but do not make an effort to dig deeper into the website.

These thoughts are like nightmares for the website owners. They spend heavily to get a consumer on their site. They invest in optimization, profile handling and target keywords to draw traffic and improve rankings of their site.  However, if the customers visiting the site do one of the things mentioned above, then there is no use of spending money on drawing consumer traffic on the website.


More than 40% of the users do not visit the websites that take more than 3 seconds to load again.

Here are seven ways by which you can ensure that your website gets repeat visitors so that you can convert them into your customers-

  1. Do not expect people are visiting your site to be geniuses. Give them what they need, as quickly as possible. Keep the home page simple and make sure that the visitors can locate the information they need with minimum effort.
  1. Apply the three-second rule. It states that any visitor who goes to your site should receive an answer to his or her questions, within three seconds. There must not be any trouble in finding who are you, what do you do and how you do it. Find a way to answer these questions in three seconds.
  1.  You can flaunt your vocabulary in newspapers and novels. But if you want visitors to understand what is written on the site, then avoid witty words because everyone does not have the same level of understanding. Use common and simple words that every visitor can understand and relate to. For example, do not mention ‘blog’ as ‘wise words’; your attempt at being clever may annoy the visitor.
  1. The visitors are either looking for something that they do not have – solutions or something they do not want – problems. Try to provide them with a solution that makes sense and not something that is a mere presentation of the question in the form of an answer.
  1. If you have what the visitors or potential customers need, give it to them instantly. Do not make them click five buttons to reach a product or service or click through fifteen images to get a result. If you have what they need, they may return to write you a check.
  1. Provide contact details at the top of the page. So that there is no need for them to navigate through the pages to reach you. Give your email id and contact phone number both; giving them an option to communicate the way they want.
  1. Avoid overwhelming the visitors, as they can easily make out if you are a helpful resource or not. Give them insights and tips related to their search. You can also provide links to an educational blog, an article or tutorial on the web, if your website does not have it or if the search is not related to your niche.  


Following these seven tips can help in website maintenance. You must understand that internet users have an access to a million of other websites and would hardly take any time to move. You need to give them a reason to come to yours and then return to your website again and again.