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The TOP Facebook Updates This Fall You Cannot Afford To Miss!

Written By SEO Team

With 2018 just around the corner, everyone is trying to stay up to date with all the new changes already happening in the ever changing online world. Facebook, as most other major players in social media, has launched a host of updates for both their desktop and mobile users.

The changes cover virtually all aspects of the platform usability, from its newsfeed, to photo galleries, but also ad management or completely new features, like Fundraisers. Let’s take a look at how the most important player in social media prepares itself for the busiest time of the year:

1. New features for reaching your offline customers

Facebook already features powerful tracking and statistics tools for your online clients, but the platform is trying to focus on your “brick and mortar” clients as well. With the new feature, your customers who bought from your physical store will also be included in the statistics and ad measurements. Your campaigns, and the effect they have on offline customers, will be easily tracked on Facebook. You’ll be able to re-engage with customers who bought offline and get detailed insights from your campaigns.

The new button, named “Offline activity” lets you create a list of people who interacted with your physical store, by phone or other offline channels. This way, you can track your store’s success with Facebook, even though they are not online.

2. New customized Thank You screen

Not being able to customize the Thank You screen was a slight drawback for this important feedback tool, but Facebook is coming with an update for marketers who want to engage with their customers. Now, you will be able to include a headline, a button for download or view website, but also a custom description. The new screens help you create your personalized Thank You note, with links for both the View Website and the Download buttons.

3. New Canvas templates

Canvas has been one of the most popular template for displaying mobile content on Facebook. The new update further improves this awesome template. You get an immersive experience with lifestyle images, tags, locations and improved customization tools. The new and improved templates also allow you to better include your product in a story which your customers will appreciate.

4. New custom audience targeting options

Still in beta testing and not available to all users, this new feature lets you target audiences and improve your campaign’s success.

  • dwell time: this focuses on the people which do land on your ads and see them, but they do not interact with them; Facebook will try to use this audience to your advantage and retarget them with additional ads to increase interactions; for instance, users will receive new information on your product or your company, which will likely increase responses;
  • link sharing: this feature will retarget people who didn’t click on ads, but they shared them or liked them; the tool will let you re-use these ads and increase responses;

5. Fundraisers

This is a completely new feature available on Facebook this fall. It will let users create Fundraisers to connect with people and promote charities or charitable causes. You can either create a Fundraiser, or participate in one, promote its causes or share it to your friends. The menu lets you choose from a variety of Fundraiser categories, such as animals, arts and culture, crisis relief, education, environment, health or medical, but also faith and sport.

6. Event audience retargeting

Many event creators have complained about the limited audience interaction on their event pages. People do interact with the event (responding with “attending” or “interested”), but it’s difficult to really know whether they will attend it or not. The new feature will let marketers and event planners retarget their audience when they previously interacted with the page. The users will get new content related to the event and convince them to show up to the event. Essentially, Facebook will help your event become more popular!

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