Unleashing the power of social media – For dummies

Written By SEO Team

We are moving away from the traditional way of thinking in marketing. We no longer tell the people what is so awesome about our brand, we make them tell others.
Hi Dave !
I bet you’ve heard it a trillion times before, but your business can’t go without social media anymore. Well, maybe it can, but there is such HUGE potential it just shouldn’t. However, I’m not going to bore you with why you need it and how great it is, I’m just going to help you out and show you how to do it! – From the beginning. We’ll start off with Facebook. Don’t want to do it yourself? Let us do it for you! Don’t want these emails? You can unsubscribe at the top!
1. Set up your killer Facebook page

You simply log into your accou.. – wait, you do have a Facebook account right? If not, you go and make one right now, just create it, that’s all. Log into your account, and on the left hand side you have a menu; look for ‘Pages’ written in grey and then click on ‘Like pages’. Once you’ve clicked this, you should be able to find a green button on the top right side saying ‘Create a page’. After this, it’s easy; select whatever type of page you’d like to make (probably local business or company!) and fill out your business information – There you go, you now have yourself a Facebook business page. Now it is time to make this page truly reflect your business: Update your logo as the profile picture and use a nice picture that resembles your company as the ‘cover’ above it – or get creative. Here you go; your page is almost ready for the public! Feel free to look at our Facebook page  for some help. *Stop right here, can’t do it, help me out!

2. Start telling your story

In the world of social media (and SEO too, really) content is KING. Start posting updates. However, don’t just post whatever. Give the people a REASON to ‘like’ your page, be of good use to them. Post content that is relevant and useful to them, be funny, informative and different – people are on social media to relax & connect with their friends, not to be marketed too. Make your page a source of content that people like, want to say something about or want to share with their friends and watch that page grow. An example of right and wrong is the picture at the top of this email!

3. Let’s grow an audience

Your page has a top notch design with the first awesome content on it – it’s ready for the public. Your first sources of likes will be: Your website which you now gave a Facebook button (Find out if it is optimized here), possibly your blog, your email contacts (use Facebook to synchronize your contacts) and your Facebook friends (recommend your page to them). This is the basis from which your page will grow.

4.Let’s go viral

Your page has its first fans. Now it is important to cater to them and make these people recommend your page to their friends. Every time your content is liked, commented on or shared, their friends see this, increasing the chance they will become fans as well. Keep in mind your audience’s use of Facebook: what kind of content would they like, when are they online and what reason are you giving them to like your page? – A small word of advice (this one is on the house): Post outside business hours!

5. Advertising

Whether you hate them for it or love them for it, Facebook gathers a lot of information about their users. It uses this information for your advertising purposes – that’s how it makes money. All of this information allows you to select which audience you’d like to reach very precisely, so you’re not wasting any money on people who aren’t interested in you at all. Tailor your ads to this audience and see the new fans lining up.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, mix in a little time and consistency, and you should be able to start seeing some steady progress in there. Throw in an occasional incentive for your audience and show them what your business can mean for them.

We, at Paton Marketing, see social media as the 3rd step in your path to having a successful revenue stream coming from the Internet. The 3 steps:

  1. The foundation – Your website is like a storefront and has to represent your company to the fullest extent.  Find out if your website is at its top game here.
  2. LeadsSEO (search engine optimization) brings people in, people that are already looking for your product or service and thus have a high probability of converting to customers.
  3. Retention and new acquisition – Social Media and email marketing. The true power of social media lays in the fact that you are investing your efforts into people that are very likely worth it.

Hope this helped, if you need a little help, feel free to call or email us at any time.