Ways to Optimize Online Marketing for your Local Business

Written By SEO Team

Is your business locally situated and all your clients are from your neighbourhood? It is still very important to spread awareness about your business. Collect valuable feedbacks and resolve issues to generate popularity about your product or service. You always aim to grow your business while without depleting your present client base.

Marketing a business for a multinational is not the same as doing marketing for a business whose targeted client base is present locally. If your target audience is located in your immediate area, then local optimization is used. A local business manager needs to focus on local content, local needs and local issues, so as to target audience with smart SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization) techniques. Here are a few useful tips to build a local client base that brings you business.

1. Make your presence on Facebook/Twitter count:

Even if you hate using Facebook/Twitter, they are massive digital network sources, with more than 2 billion active users. Facebook even allows you to a create page for your business. Don’t forget to list your address and phone number on your business page. Also, don’t forget to mention the working hours you are open. For a local business like yours, Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to target your local clients as they can be optimized to target a very specific area.

2. Your website and social networking sites should be connected:

Business pages on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are critical for the optimum marketing of your business. Put links of all your social networking pages in your emails as a part of your signature. Make sure your links are present on your mailing list, your business cards, signage, etc. Always try to use QR codes instead of the entire link and enable social media sharing on your website to connect your site to your social media accounts. This interlinking of accounts helps you to widen your reach, and you land with new prospects for your business. Treat your each social media accounts like a mini-business website and a gateway to expanding your business.

3. Your business details must be there in Google alongside local directories:

It is mandatory, regardless of whether your business is new or old, you should get your business recognized by Google. Visit visit http://www.google.com/mybusiness and follow the steps to check if you are listed with Google. Google send a postcard to your business address to verify your address and legitimacy of the business. Once the business is verified, Google will add your business location to Google Maps. Your business presence on Google maps is an absolute necessity for any local businesses to thrive. You can also register with Yahoo and Bing the more local search directories you are in, the better!

 4. Showcase support to local causes and other local businesses:

As a group of local business owner you have to promote each other. Promote other local businesses, and causes so as to maximize your presence in the market. You can blog about local issues or post about local topics on your social media pages, hence generating awareness about your business. Follow businesses on Twitter and add a lot of locally influential people to your LinkedIn circle. Always promote good local charities or local non-political initiatives that are popular with your target market. Engage with websites that are popular with your client base to help you build some rapport and also expand your existing client base.

5. Make sure your contact details are mentioned on every page of your website.

Place the contact information on the sidebar or header/footer of your website. Use text instead of graphics because search engine web crawlers are only able to read and index text, for them images are like blank spaces. So it is important for the contact details to be in the form of text not graphic or image. The text of your address and phone number should be clickable so that the mobile device users can seamlessly connect to you..

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