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What will influence Internet Marketing in 2016?

Written By SEO Team

2016 is nearly here. The internet market is going to get bigger with increased user traffic and huge investments being made in each aspect. Therefore, it is necessary that you identify the key areas of change and be on the side of the dominator, by knowing what will influence Internet Marketing in 2016.

Video will Dominate Advertising

Video ads have been the dominant force of marketing. The impact that videos have on the minds of consumers cannot be matched by any other marketing medium. YouTube, the social channel that has been a host to billions of video advertisements. Also, Facebook and bling are making advancements with embedded videos. In 2016, things are going to change significantly as the search engine giant Google, is planning to venture in this video advertising arena, with in-SERP video advertising. Expect the video ads at places, you expect the least.

Mobile taking the Stage from Desktop

Mobiles have already conveniently replaced desktops. With the decreased usage of the conventional machines, In 2015 this became evident, as mobiles overshadowed desktop traffic in many countries. And this information comes straight from Google, who released an algorithm to optimize their site for mobiles. The algorithm named Mobilegeddon, is for the mobile site optimization, and no such update  has been released for the desktop site, which Google feels is completely acceptable. No significant evidence can be found, that would ensure that the desktop traffic is fading. But the side which Google is banking needs a consideration. 2016 will see the money being invested in mobile experience optimization.

PPC and SEO need will reduce

Search Engine optimization and Pay per click, today, are known as the best strategy for bringing users to your site. Users that were previously unknown and who would have never found you without PPC and SEO in place. 2016, will see the control going to the digital assistants, like Siri and Cortana. These also utilize traditional search engine approach but only when necessary to find critical information. Interment marketing will require you to make your business information accessible and according to the new format.

App indexing to App explosion

For a short duration, Google+ offered app indexing. 2016 will create a need for business owners to realize the online visibility advantages of the apps that are highly engaging. The reason is that the ranking possibilities for the apps have become more complex.  Optimizing the mobile site will be replaced by the dedicated apps and woo the crowd more than the traditional sites. Apps offer an enhanced user experience as it is more intuitive and convenient manner.