When and how to have success while investing in video?

Written By SEO Team

Video marketing is big and there’s a lot of money being invested in it. Video is the new marketing technique and a lot of digital marketers work to create the perfect video campaign. So is investing in video marketing worth it? When and how should you invest in this strategy to get the best results? Is there a secret behind this marketing strategy? Let’s have a look:
Video is king
Google’s famous phrase “Content is King” is still true, but the statistics show that video is on the rise and it’s expected to dominate the search traffic during the next few years. By 2020, almost 90 percent of search traffic will come via video content. This trend is real and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping anytime soon. What’s more, some experts point out that popular social media platforms, like Facebook, will become exclusively video in the next decade.
Video is affordable, finally
In the past, only the largest companies could afford video campaigns, and most of them were done via TV, and were prohibitively expensive. During the 1990s, dial-up Internet connections were too slow for video content. Only during the last decade video started to become affordable for smaller companies. Nowadays, creating video campaigns is cheap and, thanks to multiple free software tools, almost anyone can do them on a tiny budget. Simply put, video is finally affordable and profitable for almost every business, no matter it’s niche.
The search engines love it
If Google loves your videos, it means Google loves you. And if Google loves you, it means that you’ll get a lot of free, targeted traffic straight to your website. Keep in mind that Google owns YouTube, the largest video hosting platform and the place you’ll have to be on if you want to invest in video marketing. Having a YouTube channel for your company should be your main focus – you’ll be able to post videos about your products or services, connect with your customers and include links to your website. Google sees all this juice linking to your website, and you will quickly see your website pop up high in the SERPs. What’s more, having a good YouTube presence is fabulous for business; just remember that the platform reaches the audience between 18 to 49 year-olds more than any TV or cable network. Also, 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers say that vloggers influence their purchases.
You’ll dominate the market
A powerful video marketing campaign will make you stand out in the crowd. Your competition will see you as an important player in the industry, you will become visible to a wider customer base. A well-thought out video marketing campaign featuring advertisements, showcases, conferences, workshops and live-streams, coupled with an efficient communication team, will help boost brand image and create a professional image. This rings true especially if you plan a long term video marketing campaign. Basically, you’ll have to constantly invest in your video portfolio to reap the full benefits of this technology.
Video marketing is not just about advertisements, it’s about being successful as a whole package. It tells your customers and competitors that you know that communication via modern technology is important for you, as a company. A good video marketing campaign is a sign of professionalism in the hectic business world. It’s a marketing strategy that communicates efficiently with clients on many different levels and it’s something that helps you build trust long term.