Content Marketing

Why content marketing is the smartest business investment?

Written By SEO Team

Content marketing is the smartest business practice that took the digital world by surprise right from its early days. Providing meaningful and relevant information to customers is a good way to attract their attention and influence their opinions. An excellent place for branding and endorsement, blogs and another form of contents have influenced almost all companies that hunt for online opportunities. Everybody wants to build a strong and compelling presence on digital platforms to create a long-lasting and vicious impact on the market.


It is “shooting in the dark” to start and write content without having any plan of action. You may achieve desirable results, but that will be accidental and to be frank, marketing cannot rely on accidents. One should understand that content is aimed to create value. Both for the business and the content writer, every post means to afford a certain space where expressing “the right thing to the right audience at the right time” can bring in more business. That cannot happen unless you have an action plan and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve through your content.

For example, let us suppose that your aim is to bring more traffic to your website. You will need to estimate how many posts you need to write per month to get the desired effect. Also, there is something called “targeting the right readers”. Naturally, a post written for people with good sense of aesthetics will not appeal much to someone who is more into business jargons. So define your audience. Most of the times, if we know “who we are writing for”, our content gets more audience-specific, and hence more returns can be achieved.


Another way is to define your goal and calculate it backwards. Like, say your goal is to get customers connect with your brand. Divide the number of published posts by the number of customers per month. So if 30 posts yielded you, two customers, it is but obvious that to get 20 customers per month, you should publish 300 posts per month.
You write contents not to make money but to drive valuable traffic to your website. So, keeping that straight, you should work hard on your content strategy and have disciplined execution of the plans you make. Write informative, engaging and personalized posts that can create a long-lasting impact on the readers.


When you start emphasizing on value-addition, you are not just helping the website and its business, but also and more primarily the audience. Because they get to know something that helps their purpose, they will like to subscribe to your posts and stay updated about you. Isn’t that what every digital marketer’s dream?